4 Important Steps To Consider When Redesigning a Kitchen

If you have kitchen redesign in mind and you have been thinking about doing that, all by yourself, then you have to be prepared because it is no joke.

You will have to make sure that you do not forget the basic redesigning steps so that your kitchen can be efficient and functional.

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Now you can become an online kitchen designer, and you can advise people, but before that, you need to know about the four important tips to consider when you are redesigning a kitchen.

1. Eliminate steps and keep space for walking

Many people make the mistake of Designing their kitchen with steps because they feel that it looks classy.

But when you put the necessary steps in your kitchen area, then it tends to waste a lot of space which could be utilized in a proper manner otherwise.

Make sure that you have a good working surface so that you can do a lot of things in there without wasting any space or without making your kitchen too large.

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Also, when you are designing the walkways make sure that it is white and at least about 36 inches so that even if there are more people in the kitchen, it does not feel congested.

In an ideal situation, the walkways should be about 42 inches wide if it is for a one cook’s kitchen and 48 inches wide if the configuration has been done for two cooks.

2. Kid Friendly and Good Corner Designing

When you are designing the kitchen, you have to make sure of the fact that it is absolutely safe for kids to enter. Also, the corner should not have any kind of sharp edges so that the kids do not injure themselves or get hurt.

Having a kid-friendly kitchen means that your kids will be able to gain access to that space without having any problems.

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It should be designed in the best possible manner so that the countertop setting can be safe and the microwave height should be safe so that when it is hot, the kids do not get to handle it.

Overall designing should be done in a way so that there is no chance of accidental spills, and even when the doors open suddenly, they do not bang against each other.

3. Plan the Island, Landing Space, and the Countertops Properly

When you are planning the kitchen Island, then you have to ensure that it has ample functionality so that you will be able to keep your cooked food and even have your meals over there.

It should be spaced away from the dining area so that it is separate from the dining region.

Also, make sure that the counter top is designed in a very spacious manner so that you will be able to keep all your ingredients and cooking items over there.

After all, the countertop is the main place where you will be working, and it does not need to be stuffed with unnecessary things.

If you cook very frequently, then you should definitely consider a larger countertop because it will help you in cooking and baking easier and even you can include your kids and domestic help in order to work along with you.

4. Kitchen triangle should be designed better

Triangle is the shape that has been made by the lines which connect the fridge cooktop and sink. It is at the center of those three elements at which you will work and prepare for your food.

You have to get ample space for kitchen Triangle so that you do not feel confined and you can have enough space in the triangle.

In order to renovate your kitchen, you need to create the best of triangular space so that it does not get wasted.

Also, you have to make sure that the distance between the dishwasher and the storage should be minimized so that you do not have to travel to and fro while washing your dishes.

If you want to become an online kitchen designer, then we definitely have to take care of the kitchen spaces.

Now that you have a clear idea about kitchen renovation, if you follow the 4 tips, you will be able to become an online kitchen designer very quickly and also an expert on.

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