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Kitchen Design Academy Online is open to anybody wanting to upskill, specialize or switch to kitchen design, anyone willing to pursue a kitchen-design career, anyone wanting to change their everyday life and become something they always dreamed of: a kitchen designer! It is glamorous, fun and well paid.

There is no prior learning required, hence if you have a passion for kitchens and you would like to know more about, this course is right for you. There is no age or other restrictions for enroling in this course. We welcome students from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America, Canada, Asia, Africa. Also, there are no enrolment dates: you can enrol at any time and tailor the pace to suit you and your life.



To be a valuable provider of professional education and training for kitchen designers, both locally and internationally.


Kitchen Design Academy Online acknowledges the importance of the kitchen in today’s living and its part in human development. The kitchen represents more than a room or an area designed for preparing and cooking food, it is part of our culture, tradition and life philosophy. A modern kitchen is a central point of the house where we create, express, communicate, entertain, meet and enjoy life, family and friends... Read More



Valentin Tinc

School Director

Tinc is a professional designer whose career spans for more than 22 years, covering various projects such as interiors, furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, objects, art. His experience has been enriched by moving from Europe to New Zealand and later on to Melbourne, Australia. The cultural variety and diversity encountered throughout his journey, influenced and informed his work. Since 1989 he exhibited in more than 50 art and design exhibitions in Germany, Romania, New Zealand. He also received the first price in... Read More



Rick Lucas

Board of Advisor Member

Rick is a seasoned designer with 30+ years of creative professional experience. He has served in the product design industries, the graphic and digital animation industries, and as a design educator at a University level, in New Zealand and overseas.

Michael Mertz image

Michael Mertz

Board of Advisor Member

Michael has had an extensive career in interior design and architecture, fulfilling his clients’ requirements in residential, commercial and retail design. For more than twelve years he has been training the next generation of design talent, and his students are now design professionals working around the world.

george image

George Bej

Board of Advisor Member

George is an MBA (MGSM Sydney) qualified, the senior executive who has gained extensive commercial experience in manufacturing, distribution and service organisations within a number of industrial market segments. As General Manager Sales and Marketing for the Housing Industry Association (HIA), George was... Read More

Michael Mertz

Mark Graham

Board of Advisor Member

Mark was born in the UK and he is a Kitchen and Bathroom Designer with 10 years of experience. He graduated BA (Hons) in 3D design at Wolverhampton University (UK) Masters Furniture Design & Technology at Buckingham Chilterns University College (UK). He is an affiliated member of the FKBD... Read More