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We live in a world of online learning. In 2017, approximately 77% of US corporations used online learning. It is convenient, flexible, affordable. I am sure you browsed many courses online and asked yourself are they worth the money, is there real value in the information advertised, or its just another online business model. How can you tell the difference? So maybe you ask yourself about KDAO too:  is it worth it? Do we live to the expectation? Our motto is “Enroll now and change your live!” but how can we prove it?

I won’t mentioned here that we are registered with IARC ( International Approval and Registration Centre) and approved member IADL ( International Association for Distance Learning), both international bodies, I want to mention something else: my conviction that kitchen design job can change your life as it did mine.

It started in 2009. I moved to Australia with $5000 in the pocket, with my wife, 2 daughters and 3 pets. The GFC left us broke. I got a job as a sessional tutor of interior design, but the wage was far from enough for living in an expensive city as Melbourne. By the end of the year I got the memo that all sessional tutors will not continue to teach following year. The future didn’t look too bright. I had to dig in my set of skills and find something valuable in the current market. I always like kitchen design, I thought kitchen design at university, but I didn’t really work as kitchen designer as such. I had to give it a go. I called several companies, I sent tens of email, and eventually two companies were interested in meeting me. With one of them I started a short and intense training, done by the senior designer. I started by taking a floor plan of a room. The guy said he is happy to get me started in a month. I couldn’t wait that long, so I knock at the door of the other company. The director ask very few questions, amongst which: when can you start? I said: now. Next two days I had two clients, sold both kitchens and in two weeks I made more money than in a month and a half of teaching. From there everything went up: In 5 years I bought a beautiful house, had two cars and a boat, in few more years a bought another property, I wrote a book on kitchen design and I opened a school that teaches kitchen design. I turned my passion into a success story, and I truly believe you can do it too. If you are passionate as I am, and you are not shy of hardworking, kitchen design job can bring you many satisfactions. Is not only the money that is double than of an interior designer, is the happiness you see in clients faces when they enjoy the kitchen you designed, is the gratefulness they show you for being able to translate into reality their dream, is the joy they feel every morning entering their  new and shiny kitchen. You design more than kitchens: you affect people’s life and that’s not little. 

This course represents my believe that being a kitchen designer is an awesome profession: you get to be creative, you meet new people like minded, you don’t work from 9 to 5 and you get to use your  time as you  and please. How good is that! If that’s something you want to become, we are here to help you start building your dream. We will be with you every step of the way.

See you in “class”.

Valentin Tinc

KDAO director

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