Course structure

Depending on the enrolment type you choose, the modules will be sent to you

For Certificate #1, the modules will be sent by email every day.

For Certificate #2,3,4 the module will be sent by email or via a link on each Monday morning of the month (for online learning or all of them at the beginning of the course, for distance learning). On completion, you will send your assignment by e-mail to or by mail.

In order to successfully graduate the course, students will have to complete all the assignments and Pass 50% of the modules.

The work will be assessed and receive one of the followings marks:

Result categories:

Result Comments

Result Comments
Distinction 84-100%
Credit 67-83%
Pass 50-66%
Resubmission 0-49%

If the result is” Resubmission” you have the right to re-send your assignment another two times( three times in total). If on all occasions the result is “Resubmission”, the final mark will be “Fail.