This book has an A4 size format, it is packed with extensive information in 426 pages, 526 images and diagrams. It covers all aspects of designing, planning, appliances, finishes, history, styles, customer service and sales for both kitchen and bathroom design and it is only available from Kitchen Design Academy.

We truly believe that with the help of this book, you will gain comprehensive information and have a very good understanding about what entails to be a Kitchen and Bathroom Designer.

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“I started designing kitchens few years ago coming from an architectural draft background. I didn’t know at that time that such a profession even existed. I saw in the local paper a job vacancy as an assistant in a kitchen showroom. I took the job, and soon I realized that I could use my drafting skills and passion for helping people, to actually design kitchens for them. I talked to the manager, he agreed and I started my new profession. Today, I am still there. There were no books to learn from, hence I stumbled greatly for a few months. It was a steep learning curve, doubled sometimes by frustration. My main help was the manager who supported me 24 hours a day. A book like this could have helped me a lot, I would definitely read and follow it”

L. R. Professional Kitchen Designer Melbourne, Australia

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