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Kitchen and Wardrobe Sales Designer

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This is a Contract/Temp joblocation: MelbourneMelbourneclassification: SalesSalessubClassification: Sales Representatives/ConsultantsSales Representatives/Consultants

  • Trusted Australian Brand – Official Kitchen Supplier for The Block!
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  • Earn $150K+ profit per annum (uncapped commission)

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This year is all about refreshing your cooking space.BY MONIQUE VALERIS AND LUCIA TONELLIDEC 31, 2018

2019 Kitchen Trends

Thomas KuohIn the new year, many homemakers will look to refresh their favorite spaces, often starting in the kitchen. In 2018, we saw everything from banquette-style seating to two-toned kitchen cabinetry, and will continue to see innovative new designs prevail in the new year.Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or get inspired for a simple refresh, there’s a whole new crop of design trends to consider for 2019. We spoke with some of our go-to designers on the top kitchen trends to expect this year, with stunning inspiration for all.1CLEVER, CONCEALED STORAGE

2019 Kitchen Trends

Simon UptonOur clients continue to gravitate towards concealed and clean integration in our kitchen designs, with maximized and clever storage solutions.” – Sara Ianniciello2PEWTER AND GUNMETAL HARDWARE

2019 Kitchen Trends

Courtesy of the Design High“Pewter and gunmetal are the trends we are loving. They’re not as harsh as matte black or as specific as brass or gold, but it gives fixtures some texture and depth.”– Highlyann Krasnow3OPEN SHELVING

2019 Kitchen Trends

Courtesy of Whitewall Interiors“A trend I’m seeing is replacing kitchen upper cabinets with metal, wood or glass shelving. Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, this adds to the overall bold statements many want to make in their homes, forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years past.” – Sara Ianniciello4VINTAGE VIBE

2019 Kitchen Trends

Meghan Beierle-O’Brien“We’ll continue to see traditional elements and forms in harmony with modern design in 2019. Think honed, natural stone, organic basalt tiles, hand wrapped rattan furniture and vintage-inspired fixtures and lighting.” –Patrick Ediger5COLORED UPHOLSTERY

2019 Kitchen Trends

Thomas Kuoh“In 2019 we are officially closing the door on pure white kitchens. Even if it’s just one element of accent color — blue counter stools, a patterned roman shade or powdered coated island pendants–pops of color will be sneaking into the pure white blank slate of kitchens past.” –Emilie Munroe6USE OF WOOD

2019 Kitchen Trends

Vance Fox“People are increasingly seeking connections from nature. It creates a welcoming and calming environment, and is a timeless, versatile material we love. We see a growing desire for lighter, airier spaces, and wood is a wonderful material to incorporate to achieve this.”– Chris von Eckartsberg and Hans Baldauf7COLORED CABINETRY

2019 Kitchen Trends

Mia Baxter Small“Many people are beginning to incorporate colored cabinets in kitchens while moving away from all white cabinetry. Making a statement and creating a mood with cabinetry, like using deep or grey-washed blues and greens is in high demand. These are being beautifully paired with fixtures and hardware in brass and other contrasting metals.” – Sara Ianniciello8CONTRASTING TEXTURES

2019 kitchen trends

Katharine Pooley“In 2019, a combination of contrasting textures and sleek finishes will be most interesting. Think mirrored backsplashes with highly-polished, chunky Calacatta oro marble work tops, or cupboards with textured bronze inlays and matte cupboard fronts with sandblasted timber for a layered urban glamour.” — Katharine Pooley9RAW MATERIALS

2019 kitchen trends 

Virginia Macdonald“In 2019, modern kitchen design will be about going to back to basics. Kitchens are being pared down to allow raw materials to shine on their own. Think wood, stone, shiplap, and jute.” — Anne Hepfer10INTEGRATED APPLIANCES

kitchen design trends

Photo by Simon Upton; Design by Colin Radcliffe“We will continue to see integrated appliances. We have hoods that are slim and turn on automatically that are stronger than some of the industrial ones we have seen in the past. Induction cooktops continue to be increasingly popular because of their seamless look. You no longer need to see appliances sticking out everywhere anymore and that’s the new face of luxury.” — Young Huh11PENDANT LIGHT FIXTURES


Photo by Rikki Snyder; Design by Tamara Magel“Statement hanging pendants will be important in denoting different areas within an open-plan space. Anchoring the dining area will be particularly important and sculptural jewelry, like pendants in hard finishes with a mid-century Italian influence, will be popular in luxury developments.” — Katharine Pooley12DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY

kitchen design trends

Patrick Cline / Carolyn Pressly Interiors“Digital technology will continue to drive innovations and new pleasures in the kitchen, giving homeowners ever more specific home appliances targeted to their tastes. Wifi-enabled espresso makers can prepare your morning cappuccino before you even get out of bed, and wine technology is evolving from big wine fridges to restaurant-quality single pour preservation systems. Why stop at opening one bottle when you can have a private tasting flight of four?” — Carolyn Pressly13HUNTER GREEN

2019 kitchen trends

Becky Shea Design“A hunter green kitchen garners a myriad of adjectives from classic, welcoming, warm, cozy, luxe, best friend, especially when we introduce the use of walnut woods and leather door pulls to give a little pop. It really doesn’t get much better than this color and I’m definitely feeling that it’s going to be huge in 2019. I see so much hunter green and olive green in the market (and in fashion), that it’s destined to happen.” — Becky Shea14TALL BACKSPLASHES

2019 kitchen trends

Katharine Pooley“Tall backsplashes clad with heavily veined marble such as Arabascatto or Calacatta Oro will be making waves in high-brow design circles.” — Katharine Pooley15CLASSIC & MODERN

kitchen trends

Young Huh Interiors“In 2019, kitchens will be a mix of classic and modern. People want modern amenities and integrated looks, but they don’t want their kitchens to look space aged. It’s the heart of the home and they want their kitchens to feel warm, welcoming, and attractive.” — Young Huh16MATTE BLACK

kitchen design trends

Carolyn Pressly Interiors“Matte black will continue to be a predominant finish for kitchen fixtures, hardware accents, and even millwork profile details. Black feels fresh as a crisp accent color in light-colored kitchens, and black finishes are a way to add some drama without fully darkening your kitchen. On the flip side, lighting will be distinguished by lively jewel-toned colors that bring an intimate living room quality to the otherwise utilitarian kitchen.” — Carolyn Pressly17   LEATHER AND WOOD DRAWER PULLS

2019 kitchen trends

Becky Shea Design“Folks want organic, and organic we’ll give them! We’re seeing a huge movement away from the traditional polished chrome and nickel knob and pull, to hardware that has a little more warmth and depth to it. Used in moderation, on an island or a hutch, this is something I definitely see thriving in 2019 and a lot of our clients are gravitating towards this subtle yet impactful detail on their millwork.” — Becky 

Dema Cucine

DEMA CUCINE-SINCE 1979 A HAPPY EXPERIENCE SHARED BY MILLIONS OF FAMILIES For decades, we have been producing good quality, high-quality kitchens in a wide range of models that satisfy all needs and with product features that are usually only found in pricerangesof high range.

This has made the fortune of DEMA and, we believe, the happiness of millions of European buyers who have found in us the friend and the home expert, always available and attentive, able to understand the fashions and needs of a space, that of the kitchen, constantly evolving on a par with the family world of which it represents the heart.

A CULTURE OF SERVICE ALMOST UNIQUE IN ITALYDEMA has grown with Europe. A complex and needy market of the most varied attention. From this experience we have gained a high and fast response to customer requests , and a high punctuality even in deliveries . Because we are a serious company.

Not only that, the internal organization allows us an undoubted leadership in the price of customized kitchens . This result, which we are expanding at an extra-European level, is the consequence of production capacities that, by reducing unnecessary costs, allow us to give you good quality kitchens at a great price. A real deal!



The modernity of a DEMA kitchen does not depend only on the quality of the appliances
or the possibility of building open spaces that also include the living room, elements now also common to classic kitchens. The modernity of DEMA kitchens is given
by their ability to communicate with modern aesthetics and to be current without losing the enamel of novelty and involvement over the years.






You choose a classic style kitchen because you want to recreate particularly intimate environments that smell of flowers and evoke the best of times spent but well alive
in the memory. A memory that is not only that of the great spaces of the countryside but also that of the elegance déco of refined interiors that never lose their charm.

appliances 2

The top 5 trends in home appliances for 2019

Smarter and even better-looking, meet the new generation of appliances coming to a home near you.SEP 12, 2018 11:14AM

The top 5 trends in home appliances for 2019

When we talk of trends we often think about interior design trends, landscaping trends or colour trends, but what about another important aspect of our homes – appliances? These are just as likely to go through style and functional updates but we rarely give them the air time they deserve.So, to find out more about what Australian retailers will be stocking next year, we headed to consumer electronics show IFA in Berlin, Germany to check out the latest in European design as well as smart home technology – and we have to say, we were very excited by what we saw.


White and stainless-steel has long been the popular choice in kitchens and laundries but there’s a new colour to choose from and many of the leading brands are already offering products in this finish. Introducing black stainless-steel. It’s not quite as bold as matte black (which is also on trend FYI) but is a better option than your classic stainless-steel if you have a family because – two words – no fingerprints. You’ll find this colour available in everything from fridges and dishwashers to washing machines, dryers and ovens.

All the big brands from LG, Fisher & Paykel (pictured here), Samsung, Haier and Bosch now offer black stainless-steel as standard. *Photo: Derek Swalwell/*
All the big brands from LG, Fisher & Paykel (pictured here), Samsung, Haier and Bosch now offer black stainless-steel as standard. Photo: Derek Swalwell/


Just as you can customise how your home looks, you can now customise how your appliances will look and work. Everything from the colour of your fridge and scheme of smaller appliances, to the way you interact with an appliance to improve the life of you and your family – it can now be tailored to suit your needs or design aesthetic. Bosch are leading the way on the design front with their Vario fridges which allow you to change the coloured/patterned magnetic door fronts to suit your mood or style – pink one day, red the next. Available in 24 colours and five patterns, you’re only limited by your imagination (and budget, as these faces come at an additional cost).

The coloured faces of these fridges are removable, so you can change the look of your appliances as often as you buy new couch cushions.
The coloured faces of these fridges are removable, so you can change the look of your appliances as often as you buy new couch cushions.

New this year for the brand was customisable colourways for smaller kitchen items such as blenders and mixers. Will it be pink and purple, or red and black – the choice is yours at the click of an online button. You can even specify attachments and motor speeds so you get exactly the product that suits the way you work in the kitchen. Sadly both of these products are yet to make their way to our shores but it’s surely only a matter of time. Keep the faith in the meantime. In terms of function and tech, Samsung’s Family Hub fridge is way up there on the very cool and useful scale. It’s a smart fridge, meaning it has an integrated screen which can do everything from show you what’s inside via the internal camera (hello, energy savings from no lost cool air) to suggesting recipes based on your family members like and their dietary requirements. It can also list the contents of the fridge and the expiration date of each item, and even reorder items from Woolworths when you’re out. Cool. It’s also a place family members can leave notes for each other and share a schedule, really making the kitchen the heart of the home. The best part is you get to customise the functions and apps you need, so that it works best for your household.

*The Jetsons* is no longer a work of fiction, the technology has become reality and available in your kitchen. *Photo: courtesy of Samsung*
The Jetsons is no longer a work of fiction, the technology has become reality and available in your kitchen. Photo: courtesy of Samsung


If your kitchen isn’t blessed with an integrated cavity for the fridge but you like the appearance of such then you’ll love the designs that are coming out of Europe. Leading appliance brands are now offering fridges that appear as though they are built into the cabinetry, by squaring off the edging and flattening the face. Handles are either gone completely and replaced with door notches, or in-line with squared design of the unit. So sleek.

It's all about appliances which blend seamlessly into their surroundings. *Photo: Eve Wilson/*
It’s all about appliances which blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Photo: Eve Wilson/


Without getting too bogged down in the technical details, a number of brands such as LG and Samsung are now offering TVs in 8K which means 33 million pixels are working together to deliver detail like never before. This picture quality is also not lost the closer you get with the ideal viewing distance for an 8K TV about 90cm compared to a 4K TV (the 8K’s predecessor) which is 1.3m. This means you can now have an even bigger TV – say 75″ – even if you have a small living space because you won’t lose clarity even if your lounge suite is situated close to the screen.

Televisions may be getting bigger, but that doesn't mean you need a bigger room to accommodate the increased screen size. *Photo: courtesy of Samsung*
Televisions may be getting bigger, but that doesn’t mean you need a bigger room to accommodate the increased screen size. Photo: courtesy of Samsung


If you through retro was just a phase led by Smeg then think again because they’re not the only brand reviving what was once stylish. Other brands such as Husky, Gorenje and The Big Chill are also offering designs from yesteryear. At the moment, only 1950s-style fridges and small appliances have made their way to our shores but if the demand if there you can be sure to see old-school-style cooktops, ovens, dishwashers and even microwaves available, just as they are in Europe and the US.

Everything old is new again. *Photo: Maree Homer /*
Everything old is new again. Photo: Maree Homer /

So which room will be the first to get a 2019 upgrade? The kitchen? Bathroom? Or perhaps the laundry? As you can see there’s options out there for every space in your home. Time to get shopping!

oh thats hot
Timeless Charm in a Medieval VillageA former 14th-century parsonage in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy is now a stunning design-driven, timeless holiday apartment. The interior of the building still preserves the traces of its original finishes, merging the aesthetic of small medieval towns and tailored contemporary interior design. ENTER THE HOMEHistory meets a contemporary living areaContemporary furnishings and materials enhance the history-rich atmosphere and details of the living area, creating a welcoming, functional space. DISCOVER ALL OF THE PRODUCTSA intimate, timeless spaceThe Air bed, suspended on sheets of transparent glass, creates a harmonic volume without weighing down the space.FIND OUT MOREA timeless emotionThe century-old wood of the Air Wildwood table lends harmony and sacredness to the space, offering further material contrast through the glass legs.

Custom kitchen designed by Thomas Archer Homes. Super white natural stone island bench from WK Stone. Viccabe Last Minute stools from Hub Furniture. Matte black wall ovens by Schweigen. Axis black track head lights over island bench from Lights Lights Lights.  Photo – Caitlin Mills. Styling – Annie Portelli.

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