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New group of students starts in 4th of July. From candidates wanting to start that date, we need the enrollment form and payment by this coming week.


Kitchen Design Workshop in Melbourne - open  for enrollments. Limited places available.




Francesco Molon’s Interior Design, established over forty years ago in Romano d’Ezzelino, very close to Venice, Italy. In our company, over hundred specialized artisans are committed to the creation of unique high-end furniture pieces that are, undoubtedly, magnificent Italian artworks.
In our luxury furniture creations, different artistic styles and movements blend and give life to exceptional pieces, actualizing the ultimate luxury furnishing collections able to cover various purposes and embellish any interior and, especially, capable to fulfil even the most imaginative client. Molon represents the quality of classic Italian luxury furniture and the items are therefore extremely accurate, precious heirlooms.

Francesco Molon started his business in 1966 and, with a selected group of skilled artisans, achieved his success capturing the rich tradition of ancient techniques, in order tointroduce the mastery of Italian luxury furniture production on today’s marketplace. Currently, both Francesco Molon and his sons run Molon’s Interior Design, and the Company remains committed to the timeless fine design of its high-end furniture and the functionality of its production, which enables furniture to be handed down through generations.

Francesco Molon is a pure Italian Interior Design Professional , an aesthete passionate about art, architecture, history and design, and a devotee for highest-grade materials and refined creative arts.
Welcome to the ultimate High-End Furniture World: Francesco Molon. Live well.



Emblematic of the classical style, this elegant Francesco Molon kitchen is the ideal choice for lovers of superior furniture. Through meticulous craftsmanship the fine gold details shine on the delicate ivory lacquer.
The central island supported on all four sides by columns with carved corbels in treble clef, provides an efficient marble top work space.
The glass windowed side cabinets showcase striking interior lighting.

Ivory lacquered finish – gold details


Decorative and rich with style, this turuqoise painted finish with gold leaf accents is stunning.
The decorative cornice and modillion are true works of art.
The mantel and hearth above the cook-top includes pull-out pilasters for oil and spice storage.

Lime in a Turquoise Sage-lacquered finish




An elegant linear design with white lacquered finish and expertly hand sculpted floral carvings.
The beauty of the doors is enhanced by silver details balancing the colors of the marble with a delicate sheen.
Intricately placed large bowls to frame the ensemble.

White lacquer finish with silver





A sleek version of the Francesco Molon Eclectica Kitchen. Distinguished by the original design and modern curved counter, integrated in a cozy rustic context.
The strong charm of the setting is created by the effects of light and shade on the back panel and by the reflecting LED lights on the base.
Characteristic doors (code TGL) create a captivating contrast of light and shade, complemented by smooth doors (code TLL) of glossy lacquer in an alternating pattern that is a key feature of all Eclectica Kitchen models.
Designed using a custom unique concept, and made of solid poplar with exclusive lacquered wood and finished in polyester gloss. The frames are solid lacquered wood, available smooth or carved.

Lacquered doors with hidden handles



Typical composition of the Eclectica Collection Essence basic composition: zebrano, available with vertical or horizontal grain. The smooth lacquered doors (code zlo) reflect the simplicity of the composition, alternating with doors with hidden handles (code ZGO), for a visual contrast and material effect. The upper frame in ebony makassar completes an ensemble of great elegance, with a reference to the color depth of the handles.
The LED lights distributed at the base and backlit panel create the perfect emphasis in this amazing kitchen. The intense and decided character centralizes its full development in the embrace of the central shaped bar.

Zebrano door with hidden handles


Food + Science = Delish + Fun 🙂

What makes this pan so smart?

Cutaway cross-section of Pantelligent showing sensor and electronics.

It has a temperature sensor inside.

The electronics talk to our app.

Screenshot of Pantelligent app, focused on live temperature data.

The app monitors the temperature.

Animation of Pantelligent app giving instructions to flip a piece of salmon.

So you know when to flip.

When to stir or add ingredients.

When to adjust the heat on your stove

And when you’re done.

Works on any gas or electric stove. You adjust the heat.

Or, connect optional accessories to let Pantelligent’s Autopilot control the heat —automatically, hands-free.

Either way, your meal will be perfect because you cook better when you control the temperature.

Autopilot can adjust the heat by itself.

If you desire the convenience of automatic temperature control, it’s already built-in.

You’re free to work on a side dish, watch the kids, or just relax — and always get a stress-free home cooked meal.

Pantelligent is an intelligent cooking toolthat controls cooking temperature & time.

Choose what you’re making
and how you like it.

Our app uses data from the pan to adjust the recipe in real-time — just like a seasoned chef.

As you cook, get on-screen
and spoken notifications.

Just like a GPS.

Pantelligent monitors the cookingso you don’t have to.

June Intelligent Oven

Cook smarter, eat better

Meet Paragon


The Paragon Induction Cooktop uses a connected thermometer to maintain food and liquids at a precise temperature. Feedback from the wireless temperature sensor controls the heat to maintain an exact temperature with virtually no fluctuation during the entire cooking process. Temperature is set directly on the cooktop or via the FirstBuild app on your mobile phone.


Wireless Sensor

The rechargeable Paragon temperature sensor communicates with your cooktop via Bluetooth. Constant temperature feedback allows the Paragon Induction Cooktop to apply the proper amount of power, maintaining your food at the selected temperature.


Mobile App

The free FirstBuild mobile app provides quick setup options and remote monitoring so you can be in another room while cooking. Search Firstbuild on the App Store or on Google Play to find the app.

What Can Paragon Do?








Sous Vide*



*So, what the heck is Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous Vide is a method of cooking in which food is sealed in airtight plastic bags then placed in a liquid bath where the temperature is tightly regulated. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring a properly cooked, moist and juicy inside without overcooking the outside.


Sous Vide



Benefits of Paragon Induction Cooktop

Precision Cooking

Monitor the temperature of water, oil, chocolate, cheese, milk, soup, or any other liquid.

Achievable Perfection

Sous vide cooking gives perfect results like edge-to-edge medium rare steak, tender veggies, or 65°C eggs.

Stress Free Cooking

Connect your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth for easier setup and monitoring.

Multiple Uses

First product to sous vide, sear, poach, and warm in one elegant design.

Cookware provided by Chantal.



zooco estudio transforms 36 square-meter space into a home covered in mosaics

zooco estudio transforms 36 square-meter space into a home covered in mosaics
(above) different elements provide spatial tension
image © orlando gutiérrez




madrid-based zooco estudio has transformed a 36 square-meter open space with a clear and concise geometry into a real home covered in mosaics. the concept aims to compress and expand the bands that run around the perimeter of the site in order make the best out of the small space, while dividing it in a surprising way. different elements provide spatial tension, configuring the necessary circles to accommodate the house in its minimum expression. the scheme is very clear: to fill the perimeter as the serve space and to empty the center, generating the habitable area.

the scheme fills the perimeter as the serve space and to empties it in the center, generating the habitable area
image © orlando gutiérrez



each wall has a goal and a function by creating one central stay where life is carried out. the surface of each of these vertical planes exhibit the different scenes that daily life requires. looking at the apartment from left to right you can find: the resting area, formed by a wall that connects the sleeping area and the rest area; the bathroom, with a wall showcasing an urban environment; the kitchen and the dining area, where you can find everything you need to use; and finally, a green area with aromatic herbs that allow to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy an exceptional place.

the concept aimed to compress and expand the bands that run around the perimeter
image © orlando gutiérrez


zooco estudio perceives this property as a whole, like a set. the use of space in different ways creates a unique concept without forgetting practicality and comfort, without restrains. a great part of the project is covered by mosaic glass developed by hisbalit. the intention was to create a singular and unique space using distinctive materials: the touch of wood on the floor, the effect of a ceiling coated by mirror and the play of colors and mosaics, that provides the whole space a point of attachment.

each wall has a goal and a function by creating one central stay where life is carried out
image © orlando gutiérrez

the surface of each wall exhibits the different scenes that daily life requires
image © orlando gutiérrez

different materials divide the apartment space
image © orlando gutiérrez

the use of mirrors on the ceilings contributes with the enhancement of the small area
image © orlando gutiérrez

zooco estudio perceives their creation as a whole, like a set
image © orlando gutiérrez

a green area with aromatic herbs allows to disconnect from everyday life
image © orlando gutiérrez

the use of space in different ways creates a unique concept without forgetting practicality and comfort
image © orlando gutiérrez

a great part of the project is covered by mosaic glass developed by hisbalit
image © orlando gutiérrez

the bathroom has a wall showcasing an urban environment
image © orlando gutiérrez


edited by: juliana neira | designboom


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