Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 106




We welcome our new students starting 4th of July. We wish them all the best!


Why is Learning Important?

“Learning brings more happiness than having sex, playing or watching sport or doing the National Lottery.
(Finding Happiness, Gallup/North Yorkshire TEC, 1997)

95% of people think that learning about new things boosts your confidence.
(National Adult Learning Survey, DfEE, 1998)

92% of people think that learning about new things is enjoyable.
(National Adult Learning Survey, DfEE, 1998)

Seven in ten adults (71%) think that learning can lead to a better quality of life. (Attitudes to Learning, Campaign for Learning/MORI, 1996)

93% of us believe that it’s never too late to learn

83% of us believe that learning will become more important in the next millennium

72% of us think we should devote more time to personal development

During the last century we have moved from the Industrial Age through the Information Age to the Knowledge Age. The ability to obtain, assimilate and apply the right knowledge effectively, will become a key skill in the next century. Our ability will no longer be judged solely by qualifications gained in the past, but will also be assessed by our capacity to learn and adapt in the future.

Learning isn’t just about economic success, however. It is the key to achieving our full potential. Human beings are uniquely adapted to learn and we have the ability to do so throughout our lives.”

Missed this starting date? next group starts 1st of August. Ask now for an enrollment form:




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