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Kitchen Designer wanted

We are often asked by kitchen and bathroom companies to recommend candidates for designer positions. We are currently looking for such a candidate for a newly opened position. Location Malvern East, Melbourne. We offer full training, conditions apply. If anyone interested, please send us an email.



A new kitchen design workshop is scheduled for 24 September at Work-shop Melbourne, 195 Arfgyle street, Fitzroy.

In this workshop participants will  be guided through the process of designing your own kitchen, exactly as they expect it to be. We will discuss different finishes, hardware, styles, ergonomics & trends. We will employ planning principles and guidelines and by the end of the workshop participants will have a set of plans of their own designed kitchen!

Some feedback from the last workshop with The Kitchen Design Academy

“The workshop was well prepared, highly informative and good value for money. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. We thought we had a good plan for our kitchen before, but now we feel 100% more prepared. Thank you very much!”



New group of students starts in 1st of August. From candidates wanting to start that date, we need the enrollment form and payment by this coming week.

AquiliAlberg, design + architecture office


Arch. Laura Aquili BArch MSc
Partner AQUILIALBERG des-art-chitecture

Laura Aquili studied Architecture in Milan at Politecnico di Milano where she graduated with honour, exploring new concepts in the fields of landscape design, conservation and architectural design.
She participated in Architectural Masterclasses and Workshops throughout Europe. After intense and enriching work experience in Holland, she joined the office ONL working with Kas Oosterhuis and Ilona Lenard in Rotterdam, exploring parametric design and experimental programmatic structure for the exhibition NON Standard Architecture at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris.
She worked at Massimilianio Fuksas office in Rome and @ Zaha Hadid Architects, commuting between the London and Beijing offices. She worked on the futuristic project -Future Home- for the Beijing Urban Planning Bureau committment taken on by Soho China Ltd, an experimental, visionary and extreme language for future living and on the exhibition -Salieri sulle tracce di Mozart- at Palazzo Reale in Milan for the re-opening after the renovation of the Teatro alla Scala.
Her work has been published and show-cased throughout Europe.
She writes about architecture and design for Italian magazines and newspapers such as Il Sole 24 Ore, Interni, L’Arca, Progettare and Industria delle Costruzioni.

Arch. Ergian Alberg BArch MSc Hons
Partner AQUILIALBERG des-art-chitecture

Ergian Alberg studied graphic design in Milan and has worked over 10 years in graphic design, advertising and publications companies.
He obtained his Bachelor in Architecture and Master of Science with honour from Politecnico di Milano and TUDelft, Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands.
He participated in Architectural Masterclasses and Workshops throughout Europe, in particular Spain, Portugal and Holland where he began his professional career as an architect working @ Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam. In addition, he worked within the research & in-store technology at AMO, for the PRADA stores in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
He worked @ ONL with Kas Oosterhuis and Ilona Lenard, exploring parametric design and innovative mass-customization processes using the -File to Factory- technology. He has been teaching @ Delft University of Technology for the D7 module: Hyper-interactive-architecture (
He also worked as project architect @ UNStudio Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos in Amsterdam and in London @ Zaha Hadid Architects.
In 2004 he has been responsible for the -Soho City- Masterplan, a committment taken on by Soho China Ltd. As a result therefore he moved to Beijing, where they started up a Zaha Hadid Architects office in China.
His work has been published and show-cased throughout Europe.
He writes about architecture and design for italian magazines and newspapers such as Il Sole24Ore, Interni, L’Arca, Progettare and Industria delle Costruzioni.


“TRON designs CORIAN®”

A movie-inspired design show by Disney® and DuPont™ Corian®


AquiliAlberg conceives amazing kitchen and dining area

for the participation of Ernestomeda™ at “TRON designs CORIAN®”


Creativity and innovation meet design, Disney® meets DuPont™ Corian® at the next Milan week of design (11-17 April, 2011), the most important venue for design companies and professionals from around the world. DuPont™ Corian® and Disney® will showcase at “Padiglione Visconti” (via Tortona 58, Milano) “TRON designs CORIAN®”, a design exhibition inspired by the film “TRON: Legacy” from Walt Disney Studios.

For the participation of dynamic international kitchen manufacturer Ernestomeda™ at “TRON designs CORIAN®”, Milan-based architectural and design studio AquiliAlberg have conceived an absolutely amazing kitchen and dining area inspired by the movie “TRON: Legacy” and made with DuPont™ Corian® high-tech surface.

The installation designed by AquiliAlberg includes also in the kitchen island – as a further innovative stylistic trait inspired by the movie –  a special combination (a worldwide first in the kitchen environment) of DuPont™ Corian® techno-surface with Light Tape® proprietary high-tech electroluminescent film.

The “TRON designs CORIAN®” exhibition is an original design project which will be art directed by DuPont™ Corian® Design Centre and Disney® and created using DuPont™ Corian® high-tech surface for a surprising scenography.


The kitchen and dining area presented by Ernestomeda™ and conceived by architecture and design studio AquiliAlberg proposes a visionnary and experimental project including a free standing kitchen island, a modular shelving system and a table.  AquiliAlberg develops an alternative vision of a residential space where the vital interaction between the various elements, as in a natural ecosysytem, creates a flowing interplay of reactions and adjustments. The shape is moulded, curved and formed by the actions of its own constituting elements which are, in turn, influenced by the systemic variations.

“Matter shapes space and space drives the movement of matter” said John A. Wheeler, collaborator of Einstein. And it is exactly this concept, combined with the extreme dynamism of “TRON: Legacy” which inspired AquiliAlberg in developing the project. The interaction of deformable surfaces, from the grid effect of the flooring to the crystalline shapes of the furniture elements illuminates the ongoing evolution of the hi-tech, ultra-versatile material from which it is formed, DuPont™ Corian®.

To meet functional as well as aesthetic needs, the shelves and the cabinet, which feature sinuously curved and undulating doors in DuPont™ Corian®, are vertically alternated and repeated, creating a scultpural ‘wall’ effect, modular yet continuous. The table is aligned with the dynamic language of the whole project and, most of all, of the kitchen island, to which it is visually linked, The kitchen installation features also the combination – a worldwide first in the kitchen environment – of DuPont™ Corian® surfaces with Light Tape® high-tech electroluminescent film.


Acheo’s history is the made in Italy story of a modern manufacturing and design oriented company, that develops artisanal skills and industrial technologies in a language always original, versatile and without limits. The idea of the kitchen becoming integral part of the architecture and of the daily life, spreading the principles of detailed quality, authentic functionality, beauty not stemming from ephemeral trends but from a deep research. Each Acheo kitchen is a project of its own, custom made, in harmony with every space, desire, need. Not for isolated elites but for a wide public, sensible and international, questing for the true emotions and values of the kitchen space.



Exclusive Simplicity — The respect for traditions that resists the easy seductions of modernity, in family life, way of dressing, furniture and food recipes and a refined simplicity in the way of living, made of natural taste,wise handicraft and intelligent economy of materials, inspired this presentation of Acheo 0X system. A project that exemplifies the kitchen as workshop: a place full of activities, transformations and experimentations, presented in an essential and sophisticated way. A setting made of few elements, with utmost attention to details, with significant dimensions, made for living spaces where prestige and bien-être are lived without ostentation.


Life Projects — A home can be dreamed of or actually made in many different ways, but it is impossible to imagine it without a kitchen. In that room, so special and peculiar, technology and design, beauty and comfort, live side by side and accompany the preparation of the food rather than its storage or conservation. A kitchen though, is also something else: an element of architecture, a space for conviviality and passion, a statement of style and a value built to last, to be shared with the people we love. S86 system is a product dedicated to the contemporary kitchen. A kitchen that everybody can easily relate to, creating its own ideal solution.


Free Style — A fresh, light and dynamic kitchen, that offers all the right ingredients to satisfy the needs of contemporary life. The island, with integrated table and downdraft hood, aims to taking full advantage of the available space while expressing a way of living informal and rational at the same time. The tall units become the treasure chest of a world of technologies and objects that wait to be discovered with a simple arm gesture, in every moment. Rationality and immediacy, style and quality, for a kitchen to be invented and tasted, day after day.


Things, in a way of their own, travel too. Sometimes moving quite far. Other times growing roots in familiar places. Just like us, at once, finding different and beautiful places. Mixing with other things, other colours. Unexpectedly discovering new ways of being. This catalogue is the tale of a very special journey. A journey where Acheo kitchens meet a different world. Dwell in real houses, full of things desired, quested, found and collected. Blend with an imaginative multiplicity of objects and colours. Thus becoming even more beautiful. The extraordinary beauty of counterpoint. Still Life is the name of this poetic and revolutionary journey. The refined |uno| kitchens tinge in the hue of fruits, vegetables, shellfishes and cups inspired by the still-life masterpieces of the past. Like in a 17th century still-life picture, quiet and silent objects mirror reality. Everything is still though vital. Everything is silent nature. The photographic “click” seizes the suspended moment in which life gently hovers over reality. Tells of the shimmering beauty of counterpoint. Nature and imitation. Present and past. Colour and non-colour. Light and shade. Simplicity and ornament. Harmony and contrast. We discovered that our kitchens know how to be special also in new situations. Becoming an accomplice presence and opening to infinite creative interpretations. Blending with colours and conversing without contradiction with the past. And enriching us with the gift of wonder. Island is the essence! Its independent structure is conceived to house the washing and cooking functions. Essential and unencumbered, its beauty glimmers even in traditionally styled environments. Worktop, frame, doors and fronts, all have the same thickness. The internal structure is a single frame with vertical dividers that can be positioned according to the customer’s needs. All internal accessories are in multilayered wood with surfaces coated in the same colour of external doors. Tall Units are a complete functional larder! Each unit is equipped with storage spaces alternating with niches for built-in appliances that can remain either visible or hidden behind a hide-away door. The many colour possibilities allow for the “full colour” solution where the outer and inner hue is exactly the same. Tall units feature different heights to allow space customization. The mural version completes the planning possibilities. Its structure too is raised on a single supporting platform and features vertical dividers to organize the inner space. Doors have an internal frame suitable to be equipped with accessories. The open wall module can have sliding doors, with minimum thickness to allow maximum use of inner space, further enhancing the concept behind the development of this product.



These are some tripped out appliances. This product set right here is called “Spot.” It’s full title is “Spot – Appliance Design for All.” Why? Because it’s designed for people who’re confined to wheelchairs or (I’d imagine) just short in stature. Three appliances, a fridge, a dishwasher, and an oven, for the supreme ease of use for all. (Post preview for everyone: I vote fridge for winner, how about you?)

On the oven there’s of course a touchscreen digital interface as well as motorized elevator rails for ease of access. The stove in any average home is fairly low anyway, so this one might not look that different, but the slightly lower stature and that elevator exhaust will really make all the difference in the long run.

On the dishwasher there’s once again digital controls with a touch screen, easy-access dish rack on top, and a fold over cover. Same deal as the oven in that it appears pretty much the same as a conventional oven, but the slight modifications make the difference.

The refrigerator has a heck of a lot of unconventional differences from your average fridge, somuchso that I’d friggin love to own one fer sure. Sliding trays and bins, an electr-magnetic door latch system (intense!), and LED night lights activated by a person sneaking around for a midnight snack. Touchscreen digital interface (didn’t see that one comin, did ya?!) Music player (wait, what?) with USB port for plugging in your USB keys and unloading a bunch of music for storage and play. Holy crap biggest MP3 player EVER! And of course a control panel choc-full of options like time, date, temp, music control, LED control, security lock (for those electro-magnets), and other general preferences.

Holy god’s own refrigerator, Batman!







things we like





Home is where the heart is, and the kitchen is where the art is. Designers Erhan & Mustafa Afsaroglu created this beautifully minimal kitchen concept that shows off its centerpiece, an organic and vibrant kitchen table that just grabs your eye as your lips form the word “wow”.

The design, with its beautiful splash of cheesy yellow, stands out beautifully against its white backdrop. Plus, yellow is known to subconsciously make humans feel hungry. Five (michelin) stars for this one!

Designers: Erhan & Mustafa Afsaroglu.








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