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Reminder that the new kitchen design workshop is scheduled for 24 September at Work-shop Melbourne, 195 Arfgyle street, Fitzroy.

In this workshop participants will  be guided through the process of designing your own kitchen, exactly as they expect it to be. We will discuss different finishes, hardware, styles, ergonomics & trends. We will employ planning principles and guidelines and by the end of the workshop participants will have a set of plans of their own designed kitchen!

Some feedback from the last workshop with The Kitchen Design Academy:

“The workshop was well prepared, highly informative and good value for money. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. We thought we had a good plan for our kitchen before, but now we feel 100% more prepared. Thank you very much!”



New group of students starts in 4th of September. From candidates wanting to start that date, we need the enrollment form and payment by this coming week.




Custom-made, hand-made, one-of-a-kind
For more than 75 years the Austrian design company, known for its luxurious interior design solutions, has been manufacturing kitchens and furniture characterized by a perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship, innovative manufacturing techniques, and cosmopolitan designs. The refined solutions stand out: unique pieces, generous and clear-cut shapes, the sophisticated details.

Kitchen as a sculpture in the room
Innovative kitchens are the trademark of steininger.designers. Their latest innovation is a kitchen made of 8 mm concrete. The precise and refined manufacturing of concrete requires a special know-how. Steininger.designers have come up with an unusual procedure in order to produce the ultra-thin “concrete skin”. But, the precise form work and the grinding and polishing of the surfaces are carefully done by hand.

The stone kitchen is equally unique. The cubic kitchen structures beat the traditional kitchen looks and the elements can be arranged individually, in numerous ways.

The kitchen is made of anodized aluminum and together with the integrated wine and cheese shelf it becomes the perfect kitchen for ambitious hobby chefs and wine connoisseurs. The kitchen island seems massive, but all it takes is a gentle push that moves the gas stove and reveals the condiments and silver wear. As usual, all the functional elements of a perfectly equipped Steininger kitchen are carefully hidden behind elegant facades.

Luxurious designs and exclusive interior solutions
Not only are most of the exclusive, one-of-a-kind kitchens custom-made, but steininger.designers also take care of the planning, the implementation, and the production of the whole interior. Steininger.designers’ concepts and ideas of living are expressed by their generous and luxurious – definitely exclusive – room design solutions that also stand for excitement, feeling, and the love of the world as such. All living concepts have one thing in common: They courageously represent the customers’ personality.

International design awards
The team of steininger.designers works hard to realize their ideas. Their efforts have been rewarded with two renowned, international design awards: The NICEbedtable 2008 was awarded the “if award”, whereas in 2009 the dining table NICEtable was given the “red dot design award”. The table top is jointless but can make an impression with its compact pull-out mechanism that is hidden below.

Mastermind and owner of the company Martin Steininger works closely together with a team of designers. Together they design and produce custom-made interior for their clients. The furniture trade fair 2010 in Milan was the springboard for their export activities. And soon the unique kitchens will be available in Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and England.

Modulküche HOG


Kitchen Revolution
Steininger.designers’ state-of-the-art objects combine the latest production technology and innovative materials with classic design. What you see is astonishing: details so refined that one cannot help wonder who came up with those sophisticated design solutions. The answer: Martin Steininger and his team. The company, which is located in the north of Austria in the charming Mühlviertel, has come up over the years with remarkable interior design solutions for one-of-a-kind kitchens. This year the creative team will once again present one their latest invention at one of the most important events in the kitchen design industry, the Eurocucina in Milan, Italy. The kitchen: modular kitchen HOG.A Kitchen Puzzle for the Advanced
Steininger.designers’ kitchens tend to be complete artworks, Gesamtkunstwerke so to speak, custom-made according to the individual customers’ needs. The unique kitchens have been fashioned from stone, aluminum, and concrete – the latest of which was given the red dot award in 2012.The modular kitchen, however, is based on a new concept: It consists of 4 individual elements, which allow the customers to create their very own unique “Steininger kitchen“. Elements are available in stone, concrete and ceramic. The 4 kitchen modules together with a table panel facilitate an easy workflow: storage, washing up, food preparation and last but not least the whole beautiful cooking process. The 3 striking materials provide ample scope for individual customers to put the “kitchen puzzle” together.

“A Heart of Gold” – The Love for Detail as a Trademark
Functional yet surprising details, such as a drawer below the cooking top, which conveniently stores spices, knives, and fresh herbal patches in lit-up stainless steel receptacles, have always been part of “Steininger kitchens”. The new modular kitchen HOG., however, has a very special interior: it is fashioned from anodized golden aluminum, which coats the drawers and makes them look like a luxurious jewelery box. The anodized aluminum coating presents a beautiful contrast to the natural material of the exterior. The interior lights enhance the contrast. On top of it, customers can design the interior life of their drawers according to their needs with magnetic dividers.

The Formular for Success from Austria
Aside from their already well-known kitchen models, steininger.designers exhibited 8 different modules of the modular kitchen HOG at the Eurocucina April 2012. Visitors can explore the ample possibilities the new revolutionary kitchen has to offer. steininger.designers have continuously expanded their product portfolio and the optimum kitchens offer the best of what anybody can invest in as far as kitchens and cooking is concerned. The modular kitchen HOG. enables a wider range of customers to enjoy a Steininger kitchen and the one-of-a-kind quality and exceptional design the kitchens stand for.

All pioneering furniture design achievements emerged in steininger.designers’ family-run operation. The modular kitchen HOG proofs once again that the inquiring minds, know-how and manufacturing of a family enterprise can lead to remarkable international success.



The kitchen is made of ultra-thin 8 mm concrete, which is sturdy yet very light.
Its heat resistance and food safety make it perfectly suitable for kitchens, even though it was believed to be extremely difficult to manufacture. A procedure was developed that allowed for the concrete to be made so thin that it was light enough without being brittle, and for the lively surface to still contain its fine fissures as well as its bubbles.
Both, the kitchen’s special exterior as well as its high-quality inner life, made of stainless steel and finest wood, live up to their promise. The sitting area made of solid wood and two herbal patches are as much functional elements as they emphasize the particular feel of concrete. All kitchen concepts of steininger.designers have something in common: they are visually compact and efficiently reduced to their essential elements.


100% Made in Italy

For architects and interior designers.
To you who like to design


We call it “one person, one” project and has many meanings for us.Callesella Lab, when she thinks and builds a piece of furniture or furniture system, focuses on the people and the designers, customization, service. It is the “measure” that goes beyond the “tailoring” because it also includes our technological capacity and innovation. The catalogs of the collections are just the starting point to study and create what we are required by architects and interior designers for which each project must be unique, dedicated, diverse.Together with them, and for them, we can change sizes, use color samples, find new finishes, realize the idea of ​​our partners. Callesella Lab is the meeting between the craft and the design alive with a goal: the quality customization.


Country kitchens

Powdered hemp food


clear, spring colors this typical country kitchen awakens flavors of the countryside. The details are essential elements that distinguish it in its simplicity. Each space is optimized to ensure maximum functionality. Everything is studied in detail: the drawers wide to the pantry. The hemp and talc give light giving a feeling of ample space.



The island is a multifunctional element with open shelving, doors and drawers.  The countertop is marble Beige Pearl of the Balkans.



Open base with marble sink Pearl Beige Balkans.



Kitchen powdered clay

The dream of a kitchen in an elegant and functional country style is made of this composition: a kitchen with wall panels, floor and sink in the most dramatically beautiful marble. Made of powdered clay dye, this fine country cooking is the ideal solution for large spaces where to make the most of every space. It ‘a kitchen with elegant and refined woodwork, where feeling and reason, grace and simplicity are mixed to the pure essence of wood. These cabinets provide exceptional modularity for all types of environments.




Cotton kitchen

natural and bright colors, simple and essential lines, this kitchen reinterprets the country in a modern way. The cotton tone finish gives a touch of freshness and naturalness to this composition. The steel of the hood and the furnace give a touch of modernity and glass cabinets accentuate the elegance. Spaces are studied in detail to better respond to the needs of modern living, while maintaining a strong link with the tradition and the typical country style furniture.






Kitchen Snow and cyclamen

Colors inspired by nature, cheerful and bright, simple and essential lines, this fresh new twist reinvents the country in a modern way. The snow finish with a touch of cyclamen give a touch of freshness and warmth to this composition. Spaces are studied in detail to better respond to the needs of modern living while maintaining, however, a strong link with the tradition and the typical country style furniture. Wall units with total openness and plenty of room for accessories and objects and efficiently manage the available space, are the main features of this elegant and refined cuisine.





The contemporary Urban

Fly – London

A globetrotting chef with the center its cuisine

I know many kitchens. I’m for a period, I make famous, we return occasionally. But one is that of the heart, at my house. It is the first time I talk about it. Many wonder: how will the kitchen of a chef? It is something unique. Fly always greets me with an intimate atmosphere. It is a private space that knows how to be the restaurant when there friends. It has a flavor that is not tired, let me freedom, invites me to try, combine, mix. A bit ‘as it is she who, in some cases, mixes vintage charm to the contemporary, returning back on the road when I think of places around the world where I worked.







Fly – Mosjøen

Living in the city center on the fjord

We wanted a kitchen made of real, light wood, natural, as much as we Scandinavians. Made of clean lines, but hot at the same time, our essential trait. And why not, with steel and metal from industrial flavor. We found it when we met Fly. We love the character, the combinations of his being international, of its Italian design, desirable. Here the North light enters from the large windows and play between empty and full kitchen and living. We love the library that divides them: a large dark mark, functional, with ordinary and extraordinary objects. For us.







Fly – Berlin


He is a hospitality artist studios, galleries, home? All together. Especially living. A word and an environment that define well the way I live and create in routes without interruption, because every moment can be a match for transforming an idea just arrived. The kitchen is the center of this space, even mental, fluid, elastic. It’s almost an area “equipped” where the furniture all have one feature: the large cupboard, the fires surface and sink, ample counter, where with the guests I often find myself talking about art, trends, next vernissage. We can be in two or twenty, there is room for everyone.






This spring, Gorenje will surprise the European markets with a new range of household appliances, called the Gorenje Ora-Ito Collection. This trendy range of technologically perfected household appliances from Gorenje is signed by the world-famous designer of the younger generation, Ora-Ito.

The Gorenje Ora-Ito Collection is a result of the company’s desire to offer the contemporary consumer superiorly designed yet reasonably priced appliances, affordable for a wider population. The Gorenje Ora-Ito Collection will be launched in two color combinations: completely black and black & silver. Gorenje is proud to present this product range as the new classic for the kitchen of the future.

The Gorenje Ora-Ito Collection consists of a series of fridge freezers, multi-functional ovens, ceramic hobs, ducting kitchen hoods, and decorative panels that round up the consistency of the entire collection’s design. The appliances of the Gorenje Ora-Ito Collection are classified in energy class A and they feature all contemporary user functions. One of their key distinguishing features is the uniform appearance of the front decoration panels covered completely with black glass, and brushed aluminum handles available either in stainless steel or black.



things we like

Costa Rica Lookout

A young family purchased a plot overlooking Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica with two breath-taking views: towards the ocean and into the jungle. Benjamin Garcia Architects decided to rest the house against the back of the steep hill of the site in order to stabilize the soil and protect the house from falling debris.

The house then transitions from a more solid and intimate construction at the back that holds bedrooms and bathrooms, towards a light-weight and ephemeral structure that points towards the ocean and jungle views.

The result is a series of interwoven terraces that relate to each other in all dimensions creating not only an internal dynamic interaction between levels but also relationships between the inhabitants and the natural landscape. In these interstitial terrace spaces, which are never truly inside or out, architecture comes to foster a relationship, enjoyment, and appreciation of the natural world by the inhabitants.

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia

Santa Teresa Beach house / Benjamin Garcia


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