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Reminder that the new kitchen design workshop is scheduled for 24 September at Work-shop Melbourne, 195 Argyle street, Fitzroy.

In this workshop participants will  be guided through the process of designing your own kitchen, exactly as they expect it to be. We will discuss different finishes, hardware, styles, ergonomics & trends. We will employ planning principles and guidelines and by the end of the workshop participants will have a set of plans of their own designed kitchen!

Some feedback from the last workshop with The Kitchen Design Academy:

“The workshop was well prepared, highly informative and good value for money. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. We thought we had a good plan for our kitchen before, but now we feel 100% more prepared. Thank you very much!”

dot-yellow There are only two enrollment dates left for the year: 3rd of October and 7th of November.  Make the most of this year and start a new design career in 2017! Enroll now and benefit from current promotion!


special edition

12 Designer Kitchens ThatWill Never Go Out Of Style

Many times kitchen designers are asked by clients: Which style will not date in few years time? Below are 12 examples of designer kitchens that will never go out of style.

Some kitchens are so perfect, they cause a ripple effect that can be felt for years. Designed by heavy-hitting talent such as Lynda Reeves, Suzanne Dimma, and Tommy Smythe, these kitchens transcend time (one is almost 12 years old) but continue to look fresh. See how these tastemakers absolutely nailed it and guaranteed that these kitchens will be populating Pinterest boards for years to come.


2017 Dulux Colour Forecast

The 2017 Dulux Colour Forecast, ‘Antidote: A Colour Cure’, has been unveiled, presenting a restorative remedy to the pressures of modern life through connection, tactility and balance.

Four distinct trends, Sentience, Chroma, Entwine and Construct, unite as an invigorating colour cure for the coming year. The colour palette of each trend encapsulates texture, depth and vibrancy to replenish the senses and provide a fresh perspective.

Bree Leech and Heather Nette King worked closely with Dulux as Creative Directors to craft and execute immersive visual representations of each 2017 Forecast trend.

The Forecast also previews several never-seen-before Dulux colours, ahead of an exciting wider launch due to take place later in 2016.

Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Planning & Communications Manager, who brought the trends and colour palettes to life alongside Bree and Heather, said the 2017 Forecast will encourage Australian design professionals to consider and use colour with new purpose.

“This year, the Forecast presents a much-needed remedy to the modern world of lifestyle challenges, such as screens and smooth, unsympathetic surfaces.

“Drawing on international influences and research analysis, as well as eclectic and retrospective references, the four trends will inspire enhanced personal living and cultural dialogue,” she said.

The Sentience

The Sentience trend re-discovers colours which are soothing and tonal, providing relief from the pressure of screens and monitors. Tactile moments are savoured and the inherent nature of materials is celebrated. TheSentience palette features warm, flesh tones and vegetal hues including Dulux Humble Fawn, Pinkham, Wasabi and Centre Dust.


Entwine provides a colourful link to a global context, bridging diverse cultures and philosophies. Forging a connection between tradition and modernity, the trend focuses on the simplicity of weaving and its unique heritage, representative of acceptance and tolerance. The Entwine palette is inspired by landscapes from South American to the Middle East, featuring rich ethnic colours including Dulux Carmen Miranda, Gold Pheasant, Forest Fruit Pink and Complex Blue.


A solid foundation inspires the Construct trend, a fusion of luxurious and industrial elements. A subtle, tonal palette creates depth and atmosphere, whilst accentuating architectural details. A graduated palette is showcased by the Construct trend, featuring Dulux Grey Master, Ahoy, Hauraki Gulf and soon to be released Metal Shimmer effects.

To find out more about the 2017 Dulux Colour Forecast, visit

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