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We welcome our new group of students, starting tomorrow. We wish them all the best!

This is the last enrollment date for the year, next one is in February 2017. Reminder that Distance learning students can start anytime.


“Why Learn?

Why should you keep on learning? You have a college degree, maybe a terminal degree such as MBA or Ph.D. You have a job that you know how to do and you’re good at it. You get a regular paycheck, and, if you’re lucky, have a long-term contract and stock options. Other than your supplier’s new products and services, what is there left to learn?

Learning and work have merged. Izzy Justice, founder and CEO of EQMentor, Inc. writes: “…the successful working professional will not be the one who has accomplished a lot in the past, but the one who is constantly learning.” Whether it’s learning something new, unlearning something old, or learning how to learn, all employees, from front-line technicians to C-suite executives, need to make learning part of their jobs.”

What to learn more about kitchens? Never too late to enroll:


Our history

We produce with success both classical and modern kitchens from 1974. Our job involves a constant research of new technologies and materials, it is intended towards the personal need of everyone and is carried out with a great passion. That’s why we are proud to produce high quality kitchens every day, with a design characterized by the ergonomics of curved lines, projected in a clever manner to resist to the wear and tear of time. That’s why we are proud to have grown up with the times, with a constant production that can cover both Italian and foreign market in a satisfying way, thanks to a careful and reliable customer service, always able to respect the orders times and to face all the customers needs.

Modern Kitchens

The kitchen interior becomes a space to live in: elegant, friendly and functional. We have studied our kitchens with a curved and smooth design, in the sign of ergonomics, to guarantee freedom of movement and to optimize spaces, giving more capacity to the elements. Moreover each model, both for lacquered and laminate ones, is supplied with a wide range of different colours and essences ( 300 colours in matt and bright finishing, light oak, wengè oak, teak and cherry wood). To comply with the most actual tends.


New dress, luxury and trendy: the Ebony finish gives to the composition an idea of metropolitan charm which becomes the proper furnishing for open spaces.
The modularity has no limits: the measures and corners of curved elements become larger to create different situations for every need of space and furnishing.


City was born from a metropolitan inspiration, from a glace to the most fascinating and glamour cities. City’s sinuous design is: actual and elegant in all laminates to choose between 11 high gloss and 13 matt finishes. City is characterized by curved cabinets and diagonal elements solving any kitchen’s layout problem


The design trend without sharp edges characterizes the Fiamberti style; it makes movement  free optimizing the space in respects safety of ergonomics and of the high aesthetical value.
So it is Rolly which, thanks to the wide choice of materials for the worktops and to the wide choice of the material for the doors, complies with everyone’s taste: classical, creative and of trend.

Classical Kitchens

The found again style: looking for authentic flavour.
A collection of kitchens full of atmosphere, in precious material in essences rich in awesomeness, in the functionality of the accessories and in the care of the details that surrounds the authentic flavour of old times, without forgetting the innovative technologies, functionality and resistance to the wear of time in order to satisfy life’s modern necessities.


Important and accurate in every detail calls back the atmosphere of the kitchens of old times, but reveals in its big interior capacity and in the functionality of accessories a kitchen with high technological performances. To create a comfortable and rich in suggestions habitat.Today Beatrice is shown in a new ash finish:  a warm scent full of harmony.


Papillon, precious and full of charm combines elegant classic style and innovation of end curved elements with an ergonomic and pleasant result. Tradition is so renewed to satisfy contemporary life’s style.



The Israel-based Segment development company combines aluminum with different materials to create a series of unique profiles that enable facade designs that are ever changing and fit perfectly to their client’s vision. One of the many advantages of the segment is the wide variety of profiles that can be used for varying applications. These aluminum profiles are very strong and durable and fit perfectly to withstand outdoor conditions in nearly any climate. As such, they are also great for wet areas and indoor applications. Ideal for use on outdoor kitchens and furniture, these pieces are constructed from modular bodies made of aluminum, 15mm in thickness, combined with other materials like wood, terrazzo, resista and more. Together they provide a strong, durable product that offers complete design freedom.

Designer: Segment






things we like

Materiality is a Big Deal Now”: Aesop Seoul by Torafu Architects

Located in a cute single-storey street front building, Aesop wanted to inhibit the cultural vibe and intensity of the area’s lively Gyeongbokgung city palace.


The largest and most obvious example of this brief was the architect’s decision to retain the original ceiling, making a strong feature of its wooden truss. The building itself had undergone a number of renovations over its many years, and had accumulated a strange collection of incompatible materials, and while wanted Torafu to maintain this haphazard vibe, they also sought to find a consistent design element to tie it all together.


Consequently, the internal fixtures and fittings are stainless steel, with surfaces and tables taking on the same deep blue color as the building’s exterior. Sinks for consultations have been united with point-of-sale counters within a single unit found at the center of the store. A sprawling network of pipes above the table provides the water supply and lighting for the sink area, while simultaneously highlighting a striking piece of furniture.


The Aesop Effect means that materiality is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ for our smaller scale clients, but is now a key necessity for their future growth and success. And we as an industry have a big responsibility in fulfilling this high level of expectation.


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