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June enrollments are here!

New group of students for Online delivery will start in one week, 5th of June. Places are filling fast so from candidates wanting to start that date, we need the enrollment forms and payment by this coming week. Distance delivery students can start at any time.


When all your ideas for a given project begin to come together and you feel you are ready to move on from the planning stage, you must have a series of specific technical drawings that reflect this. These will be what you show to the client to let them visualise with some accuracy what the final result will be. They will also want to help you to make decisions about changing the plans. Creating accurate drawings using computer generation will help to highlight and refine areas of your plan that are in need of improvement.

Plans and Sections

Initially, there is no need for overly specific details, such as finishing touches. It is vital, however, to draw everything precisely and to scale. If you do this properly you will have all the information you require to use the space that is left over to meet your concept’s demands.

Below is the plan and elevation of an exhibition stand. They are fairly simple but show accurately the scale of the design in relation to human proportions.

Architecture Floor Plans

Architecture scale plans

3D Models

Creating 3D models, both on a computer and physically, is useful for analysing spaces. This method also allows you to describe the project to the client more effectively. If you still need to make changes, don’t complete all your drawings and models. For client satisfaction you must, however, convey as much information as you can.

At this stage it is also important to keep an eye on the clock. Losing track of time in the planning stages often has a knock-on effect for the remainder of the project.

Shown below are a series of computer generated sketches which enhance the information given in the plan above. By making the space easier to understand, there is almost enough information to progress to the final stages of designing and presenting to the client.

Architecture 3D Plans

3D Architecture Mockup

Technical Details

It is vital that you have a full understanding of the technical aspects of your design. An example of this is lighting, you need to know how the lighting fits into the ceiling. Below are drawing which demonstrate the communication of lighting within a ceiling.

The lighting legend, shown on the left, describes the meanings of the lighting icons on the ceiling plan.

Floor Plans

Sectional Drawing

If you design furniture, a sectional drawing is a useful way to describe to the client how the furniture will be constructed. The drawing below details how the fixings for a shelf are hidden and how LED lighting is recessed into the top face.

Architecture fixings drawing

This next drawing, a section through a sink unit, clearly describes all of the finishes used throughout.

Architecture cross section diagrams


Choosing materials and furniture is an important part of the process. Selecting tangible items enhances your design concept and makes it easier to imagine as if it were completed. Do not, however, complete sample boards until you are confident with your final selection.

It’s a good idea to collect samples of a range of materials, from showrooms, catalogues, suppliers and trade shows and create a scrapbook you will build upon throughout your career.

below are a few examples of what your work should look like as you progress.

Prototype Architecure

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Pia Rosling - Designer

Name:Pia Rosling
Company:Sola Kitchens
Position within company: Partner, Sales and Design Director

Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc)
BSC in Management and Computer Science
Interior designer from KLC School of design
Rug Designer Van Der Hurd Studios
Kitchen designer, Smallbone by Devizes
Partner Sola kitchens

. How would you describe your personal interior design style?
Scandinavian design renowned internationally as a designation for simple and solid elegance.

. Where does your design inspiration come from?
The Scandinavian aesthetic with its love of simplicity, natural elements, and functionality is especially ideal for kitchen design.

. In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?
We want to introduce a bit more elegance into the space without overdoing the design elements, that’s where the Scandinavian look feels so right. Plain colours, different textures and furniture based on quality and great materials. Less is more.

. Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2016 and beyond.

1. Cleaner lines against natural timbers
2. More classic materials such as marble, copper and brass
3. Investing in well-crafted furniture
4. Creating more tranquil environments
5. Value for money

. If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to interior design schemes, what would it be?
A design that does not date too quickly.
. How important are The International Design and Architecture Awards as recognition of talent and achievement?
The ID&A awards offers an opportunity for designers not only to showcase their best work but to also present the design and finished product of extremely proud homeowners to industry peers. It is a way to stand out from others.

. What projects are you currently working on?
Large residential projects and developments

. What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?
Great designs, happy clients, healthy business, expanding the business.
. Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself
Your most treasured possession? My children
Your favourite holiday destination? Anywhere warm that is new to be explored

Your favourite book / film / song? Shantaram by Gregory David / About time by Curtis/ What a wonderful world Louise Armstrong
Your favourite food and drink? Seafood and champagne
Your favourite way to spend an afternoon? Borough market tasting the world.
If you weren’t a designer, what would you be? I would paint large oil paintings somewhere in the sun.





Congratulations to Marazzi Design who have been shortlisted for a Kitchen over £100,000 award


design et al are delighted to announce that Marazzi Design have been shortlisted for a Kitchen over £100,000 award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2016

Marazzi Design were briefed to create and engineer the most exclusive, luxurious and visually stunning kitchen, as the centre piece of the clients dream home in Hertfordshire. It was a challenge to create the most audacious Marazzi Design kitchen to date.

Marazzi Design

Paul Marazzi’s passion for design, has fashioned a uniquely identifiable style, a fusion of modern and classical influences, creating original design concepts, and has compiled a library of outstanding and inspired work…

His philosophy is to understand artisan’s techniques of the past, and to reinterpret them, using the latest technology and modern day engineering.

A truly bespoke product, where each component is custom made, individually built and finished by hand, offering an unprecedented choice of customised styles, finishes and materials, from Scintillio colour changing lacquer, the finest wood veneers, crocodile embossed leather to 24 karat gold leaf,  Paul makes it possible to add your own personality, to any of his passionate and luxurious designs, be it a timeless opulence or cutting edge chic.

A kitchen should have soul and presence, stirring the emotions, enhancing family life and convivial living, making the kitchen area into the heart and soul of the home.

IDA16_MarazziDesign_DiscoVolante_Kitchenover100K_ThumbnailWithin this project the kitchen would be the centre piece of a 2,000 sq. ft. open plan living, kitchen and dining area. The Disco Volante’s no compromise design, extends to 9 meters in length, fully detached from the rear wall, this futuristic design removes the confining planes of fixed to wall kitchens. The freestanding columns rotate inwards to the centre of the island, with appliances positioned around the cook, everything is to hand, the circular design compliments the natural twisting ergonomic movement of the body, and the outer circle invites friends and family to sit and chat, or just be immersed in its statuesque beauty. Newly developed composite materials form the smooth radius custom made cabinets; Metallic British racing Green gloss lacquer gives depth and animation to the surfaces, emphasizing the dramatic curves, making the furniture sparkle.IDA16_MarazziDesign_DiscoVolante_Kitchenover100K_2The appliances featured are the most modern, sought after examples of hi-tech engineering and iconic design, sourced from around the world. Centre stage are the Sub-Zero refrigeration icons, Wolf ovens, hobs, microwave and warming drawers. (USA) Custom made mirror steel extraction system, by Max-Fire (Italy). Boiling, chilled filtered and sparkling Water is delivered via a Zip Hydro tap (Australia), Dishwashers drawers by Fisher&Paykal.(New Zealand)IDA16_MarazziDesign_DiscoVolante_Kitchenover100K_3



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Introducing the onyx aesthetics of Corian® 

Experience the new aesthetics of Corian®.

Inspired by the classic stone, onyx has a crisp modern edge that is bold in style and rich in visual texture. Sinuous veining of varying opacity and translucence creates a fluid design. Available in two finishes;

With dignified opulence, Grey Onyx (pictured below) has a touch of the avant-garde as streams of silver-grey course through its white translucent background. The aesthetic is one of drama and high style.

White veining, enhanced by a translucent background, creates a refined design for White Onyx. It has the look of a semi-precious stone with a dynamic modern appeal. Read more.

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Kerlite Wonderwall

The first wallpaper ceramic

Kerlite slabs like a blank canvas on which Cotto d’Este has painted beauty and elegance: that’sWonderwall.
An original creation; for the first time artistic wall decoration meets ultra-thin ceramic porcelain tile: countless ideas and design suggestions to transform the spaces in which we live in a magical and exciting way. Fabulous decorations with great texture and elegant design, printed using a new and exclusive technology which achieves very high quality aesthetic

and chromatic results, far superior to those achieved by the standard technology used in the ceramic industry.
The large porcelain stoneware slabs with fibreglass mesh are thin and light like wallpaper yet strong, resistant to humidity, safe and guaranteed to last over time, making them perfect for interior design projects which seek to give architectural spaces a unique and prestigious feel.
Wonderwall, works of art in Kerlite.







Casa O3 - Picture gallery





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