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10 reasons to be happy you’re a designer

Designers have a lot of things to feel happy about. Here are 10 for starters.

Bad day? Here are 10 reasons to be cheerful. Photo courtesy of Parramitta

When embarking on a design career, you’re full of ambition and expectation. But once the humdrum of daily deadlines sets in, it’s easy to forget why you decided to be one in the first place, let alone appreciate all the upsides of the job.

We’re here to set that straight by reminding you of 10 reasons you should be happy to be a designer. It doesn’t matter whether you specialise in print design or web design; whether you make apps or physical products: these universal truths about the life and career of a designer will remind you of all the good things about your job.

So the next time you’ve got an impossible deadline, or you overhear someone saying their nephew can design a website for a fiver, keep these in mind. Your job rocks, and you should be happy about it!

01. You get paid for being creative

Stormtroopers getting paid

We get paid for doing creative stuff. Awesome! Photo: JD Hancock

The most obvious reason to be happy you’re a designer is that you get paid for being creative. Although sometimes design can be a procedural discipline, it does allow you to flex your creativity on an ongoing, daily basis.

02. You work in a constantly changing field

One of the very best things about the design world in general is that it’s constantly evolving and redefining itself. Not only does the discipline itself mature, in terms of the media you’ll find yourself working with, but you’ll also see shifts in aesthetic approach and fashion over time.

This constant reinvention and willingness to try new ideas means designers are exciting people to be around. So lap it up!

03. You influence the bottom line

Industrial design

Dyson’s designs genuinely revolutionised the vacuum cleaner

As a designer you’re often tasked with producing work that acts as the interface between a company and its customers. So whether you’re working on a layout for a magazine, crafting a website or work in industrial design, you’re the person who controls the user’s experience.

This can have a substantial effect on a company’s performance – think in terms of Jonny Ive at Apple, or the Dyson range of vacuum cleaners. It’s an important and incredibly rewarding position to be in.

04. You can pick your projects and clients (well, eventually)

In the beginning, you have to accept every scrap of work that comes along. But once you have some experience under your belt, you should be able to manoeuvre yourself a position where you can start to pick and choose both your clients and projects.

This is an empowering and affirming place to find yourself, so if you’re not there yet, it’s something to look forward to. And if you are, be happy – you’ve made it!

05. Every day is different

A lot of jobs are ‘Groundhog Day’ treadmills that make you feel that every day is the same. For design, not so.

In the main, every day brings new challenges, problems to solve and projects to get creative with. This constant supply of fresh requirements makes for an interesting and stimulating job.

06. You can make a positive difference to the world

The (RED) project is a great example of how designers can make a positive impace

Your role as a designer doesn’t need to be a purely commercial one. Your skills can also be directed towards altruistic ends, and have a dramatic impact on the world.

A great example of this is the (RED) project, which donates money raised from branded products to HIV/AIDS programmes in Africa. Giving is good, and as a designer you’re well placed to be able to contribute meaningfully.

07. You get to see people interact with your work

As a designer you get to observe people interacting with your work regularly. And whether it’s seeing someone lap up a book you typeset, or enjoy a website you designed, seeing your work in action on a daily basis can be both gratifying and motivating.

08. You can work flexible hours

New York sunrise by Gabriel Argudo Jr

Sunrise can be the start of your day or the end of it – it’s up to you. Image: Gabriel Argudo Jr

This one mainly applies to freelance designers, but if you work for yourself, or even sometimes when you work on contract, you’re able to choose when and where to work.

This offers an excellent opportunity to strike a work/life balance that suits your circumstances and needs. And it also means that if you’re a night owl and can work more effectively at 11pm than at 11am, you can incorporate this into your working routine.

09. You can create your own specialism

Regardless of the field of design you work in, there’s always scope to develop and specialise within your area of expertise.

Some designers focus on a particular style or technical approach to work – by using specific materials, a vernacular approach or a limited palette. Others will look at specific skills such as typographical engineering or working with paper in 3D.

As a designer there’s no limit to your ability to use your creativity to find your own unique style, approach and specialism.

10. Inspiration is everywhere

Inspiration is all around us, from the countryside to the supermarket

More than perhaps with any other profession, designers can find inspiration and ideas all around them. Whether it’s a walk in the woods or a trip to the supermarket, you can find shapes, colours, type and imagery to inspire you everywhere you go.

This ability to experience the world and draw it into your work is phenomenally rewarding, and also means you can justifiably claim that you’re working while browsing Creative Bloq…








Kitchen - IRIS model Astra Kitchens



Manufacturers of modular furniture since 1976, ASTRA has always been quality, design and design winning strategies in the global market of the kitchen.The more than forty years of experience in this area, supported by well-prepared workers and supported by high tech machines, make ASTRA an increasingly known and appreciated on the market is that the National Estero, able to combine quality and reliability with a design always innovative and creative, rigorously ‘Made in Italy’.
ASTRA offers a comprehensive range models Traditional and Modern, reflecting a growth market that has solid roots, the result of a rich tradition of craftsmanship and passion for their work, typical of the Alto Livenza Furniture District.
The incessant creation of new models for more and to better interpret the most contemporary lifestyles, some of which are covered by patent pending, enabled the growth and success of ASTRA, where the highest degree of customization on each item and the ‘ high quality of service standards have become the mission and the company’s core business.Hence all the information and details provided are the result of over forty years of research and work with Consumers: a passion that drives ASTRA to always seek new solutions to make every kitchen a moment of design that lasts.
The choice of various types of wood used in our kitchens, Traditional and Modern, both in doors as in accessories, testify to the precise intention of Astra do not use oils produced from primary forest but by special plantations, in which a balance is established between cutting and planting.
The chipboard
ASTRA adopts materials and production methods that do not create environmental imbalances, respecting the rules that limit the emission of harmful substances.
The cutting of the wood takes place in a controlled manner so as not to deplete the woodland and forest heritage. The same multi-layer used in some parts of our kitchens is primarily a natural choice in line with the concept of bio-architecture, and is also an environmentally friendly product because it does not use raw materials in process of exhaustion, in line with sustainable development.The structures consist of elements with wood composites derived from 100% recycled wood. This allows us to have the mark ‘ECOLOGICAL PANEL Guaranteed 100% recycled wood’.
It is placed a special attention to the issue of formaldehyde (gas suspected of being carcinogenic) that the melamine continues to emit for many years even after the purchase.
Unlike what happens in Italy, in Germany there is a very strict law that defines the amount of formaldehyde that may be issued. The melamine that respects the values set by the German law is therefore much closer to our health and is defined CLASS E1: ASTRA exclusive use of this.
MODEL XXL vol. 3
Curved elements that confer to the kitchen ?? a fresh image, detail and fluid for the total absence of sharp edges
The arrangement “C” of the kitchen allows the creation of a large peninsula, with work in Unicolor Volcano floor, rounded on all four sides; rounding accompanying the shape of the underlying bases in gloss white.
The suspended hood is cylindrical to recall the shapes of the curves of the bases, as well as the hanging of the terminal module.


ZEN atmosphere with delicate tonal contrasts
The composition presents a series of column containers (containing The refrigerator and the pantry) alternated with other elements with open compartments; long shelves “underline” the furnace area and continue to create an articulated shelving made of ennobled oak Vintage. The bases are equipped with throat Combi, with profile / handle Light and form a peninsula which has approached a table (h. 73 cm.) With thin and slender legs in lacquered metal.




An idea that responds to aesthetics and functionality in any operating environment
The timeliness of modularity, the study of the details, the play of volumes and imagination of unusual color combinations, allow you to create a clean, modern and above all unique. A style that is made of color and light, the surfaces of the extraordinary effect silk as the matt lacquered astra available in sample or scale ral, which help transform the kitchen into a geometric ideal, a volume of technology with a personality all its own , the protagonist of the domestic space.
The modern ash wood grain for fascinating memories
CALIFORNIA is the desire for a new classic among current and suggestion; a luxury kitchen for a sense of the history to experience and enjoy, able to define projects and dreamy refined outside and above the fashions, giving a pleasant feeling of exclusivity.
Image result for astra cucine california
It is pure Italian tradition
Pegaso is a stage of passions, design and poetry, for a kitchen with a strong personality, able to give an original touch of tradition and elegance to donate an atmosphere of times.


appliances 2



Gotta love this twist on the rice cooker! Called the “Haier Multipurpose Cooker”, it takes the versatility of this popular appliance and multiplies it times 3! Instead of one unit for steaming, it features three cooking hubs with containers of different sizes.

Even though it’s not larger than a standard cooker, this means you can prepare multiple dishes at once. Better yet, each container can be removed, taken “to-go” and even washed independently, so you can avoid using plastic or disposable containers!

The Multipurpose Cooker seems like the perfect choice for the people who live solo. Allowing you to prepare three meals at once and store them for later consumption, this may just be the kitchen appliance trend for the future! A whole range of products that allows people to multitask, because time is oh so precious!

Designer: Dousan Miao











oh thats hot

Showroom displays flowers like Ferraris

SHANGHAI – July’s Flowers rides an emerging new wave of contemporary florists, smashing old-fashioned horticulture and floral design traditions with striking arrangements that answer to modern needs.

Designed by Alberto Caiola, the store’s interior juxtaposes Shanghai’s edgy counterculture using a spectrum of materials – balancing brushed metal finishes with terrazzo textures in the flooring. Large mirrors on the ceiling and positioned at an angle create the illusion of a higher volume, reflecting bouquets of flowers that appear to defy the laws of gravity. At the same time, concrete beams revealing the original structure of the building have been left exposed, shattering the illusion and restoring focus to the real blossoms below.

The interior feels like a luxury car showroom; with large glass storefronts, high ceilings and reflective surfaces. However, flowers are the centrepiece of the design here.

Displayed in clustered pots adjacent to large mirrored dishes, the result is a kaleidoscope of blooms and leaves refracted to intriguing effect. A designated showroom area displays a curated selection of floral products and design pieces that glitter against the store’s raw concrete background. Navigating the space, visitors experience a play of brilliance and transparency, as well as movement of living colour and shape, which car showrooms – with their static machines – can never achieve.






 Image result for shocking kitchen

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