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We welcome our new group of students, starting tomorrow. We wish them all the best! As a reminder, Distance study can start at any time.

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Reinhard Weiss graduated from the Polytechnical School for Architecture in Munich before completing a three year post-graduate diploma course in economics for the construction industry. He later completed his Masters for Architecture at Greenwich. From 1990 he worked for several years at the leading architectural practices of Schmidt-Schicketanz & Partner, where he soon became project architect for corporate clients as DBV – German Civil Service Insurance and AOK Health Insurance, for whom he designed and managed the set up of new dependencies in Eastern Germany. He joined the award-winning practice Stephan Braunfels Architects in 1993 and worked on the ëMuseum of the 20th Century in Munich. He worked on the winning competition for the New German Government Building for MPs in Berlin, before moving to the UK. With the well known London-based practice ORMS he worked on a variety of residential & commercial projects, before he became an associate with the leading city firm Pringle Brandon Architects and was responsible for a range of commercial fit-outs and hotel buildings. In 2000, Reinhard established 3s architects partnership before setting up 3s architects and designers.

Following intensive modern design development the major influence institution for the last century was the foundation of buttress school in Weimar. Our dedication from this characteristic movement was to continue the language of classic modern architecture and combine it with new technologies and way of life to create timeless architecture on structure and interior


church road, wimbledon

a sensitive but contemporary restoration and extension of a 1950s detached family home set to the bottom of the hillside near wimbledon village. from a revamped hallway, the visitor is drawn into an open space kitchen, dining area, lounge area and living area. a bright all-glass corridor links the main building to a stand-alone single storey outbuilding which cleverly blocks off views of the public road and ensures privacy on a partially exposed site. the sculptural staircase with itsí striking triangular window leads to the upper hallway and beyond to the main bedrooms.

the master bedroom wing on the right side of the building encompasses an en suite bathroom, dressing room and bedroom and has access to one of the sun terraces. the two large terraces feature frameless glass balustrades and are accessible from a majority of the bedrooms.

through full height glazing, the visitor looks out to a beautifully redesigned garden and terrace area. wide stone steps are set within a retaining wall that carefully steps back towards the hill and frames the house with platforms and differently terraced grass levels.

this project has recently been featured in the property section of the Evening Standard.



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appliances 2



Name a few wall mounted kitchen appliances. There aren’t that many! In that regard, the Electrolux Cell Cooker really revisits design standards for kitchen appliances. Not only is it wall-mounted, it has an amoebic shape and a rather unusual approach to cooking. Within the Cell Cooker, there are multiple compartments that allow you to prepare food based on days of your week. Each compartment is a miniature sous vide machine that uses boiling water to prepare food in a way that isn’t just tasty, but is incredibly healthy too! Not only is it cell-shaped, it also cooks your food in separate compartments or cells! Clever, isn’t it??

Designer: Adam Miklosi






oh thats hot




Simply Executed


Originally, the Amsterdam apartment had many rooms and scarce daylight. The main objective for i29 architects was to achieve maximum use of natural light and to create a spacious experience. The interior is executed in a simple material scheme of large oak wall panels, white plastered walls, dark blue furniture pieces and light grey floors.

An integrated wall cabinet organizes the living, kitchen and dining area in one large gesture. A contrasting black kitchen island combined with a large high table is placed in the middle and divides the space.

Furniture pieces in black and dark blue tones are in contrast with the light airy space. The top floor including two bedrooms and a bathroom, is finished all white in combination with the rough oak flooring creating maximum freshness!





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