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We welcome our new group of students, starting tomorrow. We wish them all the best! As a reminder, Distance study can start at any time.

You missed it?  There is one more enrollment date for this year: 6th of November.

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Ricky Wong Photo


Designer in Profile: Ricky Wong, Founder of Ricky Wong Designers

Company: Ricky Wong Designers
Position within company: Founder
Website: Ricky Wong Designers

I graduated from Hong Kong Poly University and continued to study architecture in University of Wisconsin. I started my own design firm “Ricky Wong Designers”in 1996. Soon I was creating showcase for the Real Estate developers. I begun focusing on mainland China market when I realised the great opportunities of design work. Now I have a strong team to help me to reach a higher goal.

How would you describe your personal design style?
I will embrace the different cultures because my experience enriches my view of world. I will not describe my design in one specific style. I usually create design according to a theme which gives the space ultimate possibilities.

Where does your design inspiration come from?
I love travelling to different countries to see more relationship between lifestyles and demand. I will use the Chinese and western culture elements to fill in my design.

In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?
It is moving towards anywhere in life, but residential design is moving to modern technologies direction

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2017 and beyond.
Contemporary, Art, humanization, fitness, multi-functional

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design, what would it be?
Keep your passion and curiosity to every new thing.

How important are The International Hotel and Property Awards as recognition of talent and achievement?
Designers should be open minded to the opportunities to appreciate the projects of others. We can get inspiration from the other talent designers when we are completing new projects.

What projects are you currently working on?
We are now working on some commercial space, hotel and club house projects. We will also try some crossover with other brands to convey a new lifestyle of design.

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?
I am going to launch my personal furniture brand in the coming year.

Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself
Your most treasured possession? Honesty
Your favourite holiday destination? London
Your favourite hotel / restaurant / bar? I like somewhere that is relaxing with a good view
Your favourite book / film / song? I like history and books about art
Your favourite food and drink? Champagne and Oysters
Your favourite way to spend an afternoon? Reading or cook something for my family
If you weren’t a designer, what would you be? Maybe a chef





东海国际公寓 1

东海国际公寓 2

东海国际公寓 3

国瑞紫金台 A

国瑞紫金台 B

国瑞紫金台 D

林溪语树度假別墅 1

林溪语树度假別墅 2







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Many say that our company can be considered one of those few “rare cases” still existing in the Italian industrial reality of family-run businesses, which has now come to the third generation. In fact, Aurora’s history is over 60. In 1947, Calamassi, Grassini and Verdiani, fathers of current third-generation associates and grandparents recently entered the company, created Aurora as an iron furniture manufacturer.

The birth and immediate development of the farm occurred in Poggibonsi, a small agricultural center in the heart of Tuscany, largely in the decade 1950-1960, a period known by our parties under the name of “economic miracle”. More than an economic miracle was the transformation of the town economy, which quickly passed from agricultural to industrial. It was a prodigious process that made Poggibonsi, destroyed and tortured by the war, a pulsating center of work, trade and trade.

It was during this industrial “Aurora” that the company specializes in the production of modular kitchen furniture, differentiating itself from other companies for the creation of aesthetically superior and high quality products.

In the 1980s, the first generational change took place: the children of the three members entered the company. Those values ​​of beauty, quality, attachment to their own territory are transmitted by their fathers to the children who, enlivened by the young energy of those who assume new responsibilities, start the most flourishing period of the company, which will soon be recognized as a leader in Italy in the ceramic and sanitary sector for the production of tiled kitchens.

Between 2002 and 2008, the third generation joins the company. Each child assumes strategic roles in the enterprise, aware of the importance and value of their work, which represents the last ring of a chain built over time by sacrifices, affections and collaboration. A strong chain, which is not broken for over 60 years.

With the birth of AURORA CUCINE SCRL in 2012, the management team has further expanded with the entry into the company of the Colibazzi family, which has always been an important strength for the company’s production organization. The task of guiding this new and young leadership team was, incidentally, credited to Roberto Colibazzi by virtue of his experience and ability and is the best witness to the perfect integration with this new family who joined a large and historic Warnari Airport Warnler whilst they in.


Kitchen Dogu

It is the time of wood bare by new treatments and dressed in contemporary design.
Workmanship that exalts the flame and the tactility of the essences.
Solid chestnut door with brushed and dogged thickness 27mm.





Essence Kitchen

Aurora’s continued search for an “Emotional Design” will inevitably bring us closer to the world of matter that our land and nature offers us every day. Essence Ante: 7-layer oak-plated spruce veneer. Thick. 25mm Brushed and lacquered open pore




Kitchen Tilly Eco

Tilly ECO, young, rational, lightweight in the lines and eco-friendly thanks to the use of a special water paint. The glossy or opaque lacquered door features a pretty handy integrated handle. Door: made of MDF sp. 22 mm with glossy and opaque finish to the water.




Rustic Chic  Iris Kitchen

The Rustic Chic Iris project involves the use of plastered structures that characterize the image and create extremely customizable heights and depths. Frame and sketch entirely made of chestnut solid with brushed finish.





Rosemary in country chic style

A kitchen dedicated to those who love a simple and relaxed lifestyle.  A romantic style that emphasizes the beauty of imperfections.  The chosen materials express the charm of things that have already been lived and loved.  Solid brass chestnut door 24 mm thick.  Ceramic crafts in terracotta salernitano enamelled by Giovanni Demaio.





appliances 2


The Cube by Electrolux will offer guests wonderful, exclusive food experiences. Guests enjoy the evening and interact and learn from the professionals chefs at work on Electrolux appliances. By sharing professional shortcuts, Electrolux wants to show people it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to create great experiences as long as you have the right tools.

Two Electrolux Cube’s will travel across Europe offering a memorable dining experience for 18 guests per setting in magnificent locations. The transparent and semi-transparent structures will be seen atop of monuments, buildings and even water platforms in Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden
but only for three months at each location.

The Cube by Electrolux will feature a different hand-picked resident chef at each venue and will offer tailor made recipes using locally sourced ingredients and all prepared on state-of-the-art Electrolux appliances. When guests first arrive, the 140sqm space will be open for entertaining and some great sight seeing, especially from the external platform. When dinner is served the concealed dining table will drop from the ceiling so as to sit the 18 guests before being raised again for after dinner drinks and mingling.

The kitchen will be on display within the centre of each Electrolux Cube with chefs working on show to share their skills. The chef will form an integral part of the event and provide an atmosphere more akin to cooking with friends than attending a traditional restaurant. Ambience will be controlled by the latest systems to ensure the most appropriate moods for each dining occasion.

Additionally, a series of special events will be offered to guests that marry fashion, music and taste. The tailored events will change in each venue to further enhance the special experience offered within the Cube.

Interested in going? Book Your Special Electrolux Cube Experience The Cube by Electrolux will offer meals twice a day, everyday for three months in each location – lunch between 12:30-15:00 and dinner from 18:00 to 23:00 during the week and special brunch and dinner times at the weekend. Booking can be made on-line for the Belgium Cube at with a global booking facility available at


Designer: Electrolux






Benci House

Florence / Italy / 2016

Benci House was born inside the walls of a medieval plant apartment in the historic center of Florence. The architectural design of the new green boutique hotel gives life to a unique sensory experience through immersion in an essential and at the same time authentic dimension of nature, reflected in the material texture of the wood. Each of the four rooms is characterized by an essence – walnut, oak, chestnut, cypress – with which are made the floors, boiseries and various furniture elements that move on the horizontal and vertical surfaces, offering tactile, olfactory and visual experiences of the natural world: the tree, the nest, the stack of trunks, mosses, bushes and climbers. The space dimension is dominated by verticality (doors, cabinets, windows, etc. ) to evoke the perception of living in the forest. The metaphor of the tree is not a mere rhetoric, but the substance of a common space – the trunk that connects branches and leaves – rooms, and roots to the ground – the building in a cozy, home-like environment at the same time rocks. The living room and the connecting corridor are covered with reclaimed wooden boards while the space is compressed and dilated by hosting art objects such as paintings, photographs and small curated sculptures. From the open terrace on the living room you can enjoy a magnificent view of Ponte alle Grazie and the garden of Villa Bardini. The essential writing of environments reveals the cure with which every single aspect and detail is thought and built – the furnishing, lighting,








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