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This post sharing my thoughts on how to design your dream kitchen was sponsored by Sears Home Services.

What's in your dream kitchen?

I was really sick last week, and I’m still not 100% right now. That meant a lot of time sitting on the couch napping and watching mindless television. Needless to say, I ended up watching a lot of home improvement shows, and let’s just say they’re pretty inspiring. And pretty depressing now that I’m back to cooking in my kitchen.

I’m not complaining. When we bought our house two years ago, I knew that the kitchen was a little bit small, just like the rest of our house. It had the more storage than most houses I had seen, and it had been redone in 2009, so the appliances were all relatively new.

Now that we’ve lived here for a couple years, I’m realizing the limitations of my kitchen, coupled with the inspiration of “just knock down that wall and open up this over here” type of kitchen design on the tv shows I’ve been watching. And sometimes I wonder if there is a better way to configure my kitchen because my house is so small. There are definitely things I need to update, however.

Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen

My counters are granite, which is fine. But they are almost black which has two problems. They hide stains almost too well, and they make my house – which already lacks light – feel even darker. I would love to update my countertops with granite or quartz in a brighter color that makes my house feel more open. I’d love to have a built in cutting board or marble block for all my baking. The trick is finding room for all I want!

I love how granite is unique. Every slab has its own features and character, so it brings so much personality to your home. Quartz can be easier simply because there’s less variation. You choose a pattern, and it works. Each house has different needs, and figuring out counters are right for you takes some thinking. Fortunately, there are great resources to figure out the right countertops.

How to choose countertops for your kitchen

Plus, Sears has a special countertop offer. Save $250 on countertop only purchases of $1,500 or more through 10/31/2016. I’m dreaming of my new countertop colors!

Replace Your Dream Kitchen Cabinets

My cabinets are actually fairly nice. They have soft close on all drawers, which I love. I don’t love that my cabinets are mostly drawers, however. I find that limits my storage options. I’d love more cabinets with pull outs than the drawers I have now.

Kitchens with lots of drawers instead of cabinets

As part of my effort to bring more light into my house, I’d love to include cabinets with glass doors. I have a few at the very top of my kitchen, but honestly, the high up cabinets aren’t where my pretty things live! If I could increase the size of my kitchen, I’d love to add hanging wineglasses, too. I want something to bring more personality to my kitchen. My cabinets are a blah color. Even though they aren’t “builder grade” cabinets, they have less pizzazz than my kitchen needs.

And you know Sears has cabinet offers, too. They do both cabinet refacing and replacement. You can save $500 on cabinet replacement or refacing purchases of $1,500 or more also through 10/31/2016.

Update the Flooring in Your Dream Kitchen

The floors are my pet peeve in my house. They’re laminate, and they really don’t go with the rest of the house. We live in a 1925 house that has been significantly updated, but the flooring doesn’t match the feel. While I love that there isn’t any carpet, I’d love real wood floors or a slate floor. Again, it’s all about character for me. And who knows – maybe there are real wood floors under the laminate. Given what we’ve discovered in our house already, that wouldn’t surprise me!

You aren’t surprised to hear that Sears installs flooring, too, are you? Right now, they offer up to 12 months special financing on installed flooring purchases $1,500 and more through 10/31/2016. They have many different flooring options ranging from tile to resilient and more.

Creating Your Dream Kitchen on a Budget

One of the things I like best is that you can update a kitchen with a few small and relatively inexpensive changes or you can do a massive overhaul and completely change your look and feel. Sears offers free consultations so you can see what kind of changes you can create with your budget.

Updating your sink and faucet is an easy fix, too. We have a plain double stainless sink and a boring faucet. I’d love a larger farmhouse sink (partly to handle all the hand wash only dishes we accumulate when I cook and bake!) and a funky faucet. Sears offers Delta and Kohler faucets, which gives plenty of quality options.

We have no backsplash in our kitchen at all. I often spatter the painted walls – what can I say? I’m an enthusiastic cook sometimes. I’d love some light and reflective tiles to add personality and brightness to my kitchen. Of course, I don’t want to do this until after I’ve replaced my black granite counters, as they’d get damaged otherwise, and I’d simply have to redo the backsplash.

Black counters and boring no backsplash

Sears has free consultations to determine what you want to create with a kitchen remodel, along with your budget requirements. They can help you create your dream kitchen from top to bottom. They have $500 off kitchen remodels of $1,500 or more through 10/31/2016. So. Many. Options.

How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

It can be daunting trying to figure out what to do for your dream kitchen. While I want a kitchen with personality, I don’t want a kitchen someone will walk into three years from now and find it dated. There are plenty of ideas when it comes to kitchen design. Your dream kitchen won’t look like my dream kitchen, just like your house doesn’t look like mine. As many opinions as you have, use a professional to design the kitchen.

What sounds great in your head doesn’t necessarily translate to reality. And that triangle concept? It’s dying now that our live and kitchens have changed. It’s more about a prep station, washing station, and more since everyone congregates in the kitchen – even in my small kitchen – so the triangle has becomes less important. They even advise against the glass doors I’d love to have, knowing that most people’s dishes aren’t match-y match-y enough to be pretty behind glass. Oh, reality!

The most important aspect of creating your dream kitchen? You need to know how you live. Do you bake more often than anything else? Is entertaining your forte? Are you a home chef constantly going from fridge to stove to sink (to garbage can) and back? That makes a huge difference in how you design your dream kitchen. Again, bringing in an expert helps you avoid common pitfalls.



appliances 2



2D Smart Kitchen is a wall mounted kitchen concept that hosts interactive modules and appliances. This full set of kitchen appliances automatically prepares your meals and gives you ample space and time, whist cooking you the perfect meal. The entire wall is an interactive touch screen and showcases recipes and the ingredients.

  • All the doors of the machines are made from illuminated glass.
  • On the touch screen wall you can adjust colors and brightness levels to suit your mood.

2D Smart Kitchen is a 2013 Electrolux Design Lab semifinalist.

Designer: Ermi van Oers





Port Melbourne – space and light





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