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We welcome our new group of students starting tomorrow. We wish them all the best.

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The Kitchen Hideaway is a peep into what food prep might be like in the future. A helmet and viewport allow you to image what it is you want to eat in your own virtual kitchen. Gone are the large appliances replaced by efficient robots that serve every gluttonous desire. You have to actually know how to cook the dish. The robots are only mimicking your technique. The technology is so life-like, it’s indistinguishable from the real thing. This is the Jetsons people. Even George would be jealous.

The Kitchen Hideaway is an Electrolux Design Lab 2010 Finalist.

Designer: Daniel Dobrogorsky


oh thats hot

Irregular shapes and accents of green leather, oak and aluminium evoke the 1950s, but also add a contemporary touch

 29 September 2018
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan: A young family from Berlin, Germany, wanted a contemporary home but ended up buying a historical property from the ’50s. What can you do? Architects Carsten Wiewiorra and Anna Hopp helped them update the house, which had originally been designed as part of Interbau, a West Berlin post-war reconstruction project and an experiment in building what the West German government and architects once saw as the city of the future. With an open-plan design, amorphous units to house bathroom and storage space, and period materials, the architects’ revamp strikes a balance between eye-catching modern creativity and vintage appeal.



Bondi Cloud House


The Cloud house is a private home located at iconic Bondi Beach, NSW. Designed by Akin Atelier the concept was to maximise the opportunity for light to interact with the surfaces of the house, like the facets of a cloud. The house is orientated east, opening up to capture the morning sun, whist the internal courtyard allows sun to flow throughout the day, flooding the double height living area.

The Cloud House is designed as 2 pavilions interconnected by the internal courtyard on the ground level and the open walkway on the upper level. Complimented by a simplistic materials and finishes pallet the Cloud House is a true purist, inside and out.

Photos by Murray Fredericks

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