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He was born in Palermo in 1984.

Curious, dreamer, lover of novelties …. characteristics that he has always carried with him and that accompany him in planning and in everyday life.

For him, designing is a way to express what he has inside, every object, every designed structure is contextualized at a certain moment in his life. Taking a pencil and a sheet of paper is a habit that acts to imprint ideas, intuitions and emotions on paper, then transmits them into projects, each project has a soul, and the pencil is the leitmotiv of them.


Stool in solid wood of scented cedar worked from a single block, characterized by the shape of a bulb. These are completely natural wood products, finished by hand without the addition of any treatment, any movements, cracks and changes in the condition of the wood are an essential feature of these furnishings and are due to the natural settling and the different environmental conditions.


Solid furniture


Everything started in 1920 in Cantù, in the heart of Brianza, in a small family-run artisan workshop founded by Nino Romano and specialized in the production of solid wood furniture in classic style.


When the war ended, Mario Riva entered the laboratory where he continued his father-in-law’s activity with a few workers.

We continue to produce models of the classical repertoire, always bearing in mind the quality of the product in respect of the traditions and processes typical of Brianza furniture, the traditional Italian cradle of the production of quality furniture. 


The brothers Maurizio and Davide Riva follow in the footsteps of their father and grandfather and begin to work as carpenters in the shop downstairs, dedicating themselves to custom-made furnishings and coming to follow more than 1,600 private clients. A long process of commitment and enhancement of natural wood and manual workmanship begins, which will become the hallmark of Riva 1920 and in 1987 the headquarters of Via Milano, which has about 30 employees, is inaugurated. At the same time his sister Anna, head of the administrative department, also enters the family business.


In these years, a fundamental transition takes place, following a trip to New York Maurizio Riva is introduced to the North American culture of reforestation wood and, with it, the production of solid cherry wood furniture inspired by the models of the religious communities of the Amish / Shaker of America. A precise design identity begins to be defined which takes the form of a product of the highest quality and naturalness through the use of completely natural adhesives, waxes and oils.In 1992, for the first time, Riva 1920 presented its furniture collection at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and began to make itself known both in Italy and abroad. The process of industrialization and technological and productive innovation is inevitable.


Thanks to the entrepreneurial intuition of the Riva family, important collaborations are started with internationally renowned architects who mark the evolution of Riva 1920 towards the world of sustainable design. Meanwhile, with the entry into the company of the fourth generation, Monica, Stefano, Elena, Marika and Andrea open up new markets and new horizons in respect of the company philosophy that combines functionality and aesthetic of forms without ever forgetting the importance of living healthy and sustainable. Alongside the American reforestation woods, the company introduces re-used woods such as the millennial Kauri of New Zealand, the Briccole of the Venice Lagoon and the Cedar of Lebanon, to pass on and not forget that wood is a renewable resource, but not infinity.


Sustainability, design, research, social sensitivity and cultural projects become a fundamental part of Riva 1920’s activity.In 2005 the second production unit of Via Genova in Cantù was inaugurated and in 2010 construction work was completed on the new Riva Center, an evocative building completely covered with larch wood that houses a ground floor Showroom of about 1200 square meters, which enhances the essence and uniqueness of solid wood products, and on the first floor a Wood Museum, with over 4,000 pieces on display between machines and tools for woodworking.


To date, the company boasts a collaboration with over 100 designers who are trying to give “form” and to this wonderful material that is wood and in this regard, in 2013 a third technologically advanced production unit is opened. “To produce with honesty to pass on to future generations, building furniture that can challenge time in full respect of the environment”, for almost 100 years this has been the thought that guides and motivates every daily action or decision of Riva 1920, always faithful to the its principles, outlining the contours of a production reality made up of traditions, culture, creativity and innovation. The love for nature and the search for a high quality of life, mark the days of a company where craftsmanship is combined with technology,



Kitchen in solid wood and plywood resulting from the collaboration with Dekton® by Cosentino, Wolf and SubZero.

It is an oversize semi-professional kitchen that has as its center of attraction a central island made with a wooden board cantilevered on an iron base, the latter with a special shape to contain a series of retractable and removable stools.

Another peculiarity is the overlying structure with dual lighting function and perimeter glass holder, with the light reflecting through the glass creating an evocative play of light. Jolly elements two logs of which one is traditional, that is higher than the kitchen top and with the head wood to work the meat and a second one “to the French”, equipped with drawer and knife holder, with function of work island. The table top is made of Dekton®, a sophisticated blend of the best raw materials used in the production of glass, ceramic materials and high quality quartz. Within the containment modules there is a special cabinet with a wine cellar function for storing wine at a constant temperature.

A perfect combination of the tradition of high carpentry and the modernity of food preparation machines (Wolf and SubZero), both hot and cold, is the kitchen for true amateurs of the culture of good cooking and good living.

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From the simple and rigorous style of the Architect Matteo Thun was born “La Cucina”, made entirely of veneered plywood and available in various woods. With the characteristic finish with natural oil extracted from pine, “La Cucina” presents an elegant continuity of grain on bases, wall units and columns.


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CR & S. RIVA1920

After years of experience in the production of custom furniture, the “SEVEN DAYS” kitchen is born. A multifunctional system of matching elements made to measure according to the customer’s needs. A kitchen rich in quality materials: from the structure entirely in solid wood that encloses the main body of the piece of furniture, also in solid wood and plywood, to the worktop in 18/10 stainless steel or hand-worked stone. The other elements, as well as the kitchen-washing unit, can also be requested to measure.

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oh thats hot

 BASSINESLETO | Semi-inset washbasin

Semi-inset round washbasin

  • Design by Laurent Besseas
  • Collection Leto

Semi-inset round washbasin LETO | Semi-inset washbasin by BASSINES
Semi-inset round washbasin LETO | Semi-inset washbasin by BASSINES

Semi-inset round washbasin LETO | Semi-inset washbasin by BASSINES
Semi-inset round washbasin LETO | Semi-inset washbasin by BASSINES


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