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Gicinque Cucine, Treviso Italy

The Zaccariotto family, animated by great passion, has been producing kitchens for more than 50 years , making accuracy in the choice of the best materials, of the eco – sustainability of the product and of the made-in-Italy modular design , its strengths. 

Embracing these values, the result can only be of the highest quality: exclusive collections that interpret the different tastes and lifestyles of today. 

The plant, located in the heart of the productive North-Eastern Italy 30 km from Venice, is largely automated and occupies a total area of 37,000 square meters .

The protagonist of both the national and world market, Gicinque satisfies its vocation for internationality thanks to a steady growth in the demand for its modern and classic kitchens in the four continents. Request that represents a continuous push towards growth, improvement and comparison with new styles and needs. 

Particular attention is paid to the distribution network which, with the valid help of the sales and design offices, quickly fulfills both individual requests and projects with large volumes. 

Gicinque cucine, the made in Italy protagonist of your home!


With Xilo + , Gicinque opens the door to a new kitchen concept: ecofriendly , increasingly functional , sophisticated in design and highly customizable according to your space and taste requirements, choosing from a wide range of finishes and colors . 


Every kitchen must be created tailored to the person who lives it. The Time collection interprets this idea by proposing four compositions that allow the widest freedom of customizationbased on aesthetic tastes, functional choices and space requirements. 


The De.Sign kitchen is a highly technological solution that cleverly combines, in a perfect balance, the aesthetic beauty and functionality of the innovative soft touch laminate Fenix ​​NTM : antibacterial, anti-fingerprint, anti-mold, water-repellent and easy to clean. 


When classic aesthetics meets contemporary functionality, the Montecarlo kitchen is born . 
In this composition, luxury is a question of atmospheres, made of fine finishes and refined details such as the framed doors , the lacquered finishes and the sophisticated marble tops . 
Great attention is also paid to the containment functionality of every compositional element: from the refined islands, to the capacious equipped baskets, from the large cupboards to the elegant display cabinets and wall units.
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BY TROY TURNER  07/12/2017

Dominating the water fixture selection of the 2017 iF Design Talent Award winners, these two faucets are strikingly different yet both provide kitchen enhancements as functional as they are beautiful.
The first, called Water Curtain by Jiaqing Zhang, Chen Gao, Xin Ai & Liye Zhang is aptly named for its elongated spout which provides a waterfall-like flow. This maximizes coverage for washing foods or cleaning dishes. Furthermore, internal sensors detect the size of the object and adjust accordingly to prevent water waste. Better yet, it can be split-streamed so two people can use it at once!
The second is just as versatile but in an entirely different way. It’s called Rail Kitchen by Hyoung wrk Moon & Jeonghyeon Lee, and, just like the name suggests, this modern faucet is integrated into the countertop where it is capable of sliding from one side to the other. This makes it possible to use over the sink or the stove, all without having to lug around heavy pots! Its substation and flow system are located under the surface, leaving the visible parts sleek and clean.

Monday, 29 July 2019 By Richard Misso

Extroverted Manhattan Loft

Extroverted Manhattan loft

This extraordinary Manhattan loft which was recently renovated by designers Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi, founders of London-based STUDIOLAV, as a reflection of the owners’ diverse background, extrovert nature and vibrant personalities. Inspiration came right after meeting the loft’s new cosmopolitan occupants, as the two designers state, evolving into an elegantly choreographed interior underpinned by an eclectic aesthetic that boldly intertwines the building’s industrial heritage, the understated elegance of contemporary minimalism and the zany playfulness reminiscent of the 1980s Memphis Group.
Located in New York’s SoHo, the loft features a large open plan space which the designers took full advantage of to create a spacious living and dining area where the owners can, as they requested, entertain 10 to 15 guests for dinner or cocktails. Organized around a central seating area, with several satellite breakout areas on the periphery, including a small working station and a study corner, the layout encourages guests to socialise in intimate clusters as well as effortlessly mingle.
Anchored by a collection of contemporary art that reflects the owners’ eclectic taste, the interior design of the living and dining area is based on a whimsical interplay of colours, textures and shapes.
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