Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 58



 Here is an insight of “Dos” and “Dont’s” of a kitchen designer job:

1.Do: Have one element that’s fun or creative.

Don’t: Be boring.

“The best kitchens have a soul or a spirit that’s warm, inviting, and personal,” designer Mick De Giulio says. “Every project is a chance to do something new and creative. It’s not just about the cabinets and countertops — the whole room has to sing.”

2. Do: Bring cabinets up to the ceiling.

Don’t: Have cabinets that fall short of the ceiling.

“They collect dust and un-needed accessories,” designer Joan Schindler says. In this Connecticut kitchen, cabinets are full height and create the maximum amount of storage, while glass fronts keep the space feeling airy.”

3. Do: Know when to stop.

Don’t: Overdo it.

“It drives me crazy when a kitchen is over-designed. Knowing when to stop is the real challenge,” designer Christopher Peacock says. He used restraint in designing this New York kitchen, achieving a soft, mellow look by using old wood floors and vintage marble counters.

4. Do: Use cabinetry to conceal some appliances.

Don’t: Go overboard with stainless-steel appliances.

“Stainless steel can be a wonderful accent. However, as with all good design, there should be a rhythm with the placement. Splashes of stainless all over the place make any kitchen look and feel choppy and small,” kitchen designer Matthew Quinn says.

5. Do: Make a small kitchen work for you.

Don’t: Think bigger is always better.

“A well-designed kitchen with high-quality materials and thoughtful details can make even the smallest space suit you perfectly,” designer Tish Key says

6. Do: Leave some space to breathe.

Don’t: Go overboard with storage and fill the walls with cabinets.

“There’s rarely a need to completely fill a room with cabinets. A good layout is a balancing act between storage, function, and aesthetics,” designer Robert Bakes says.

7. Do: Invest in strong and good-looking cabinets.

Don’t: Skimp on poor-quality.

“Think about it — you’re opening and closing those doors and drawers all the time. Get something strong and good-looking. Hardwoods, a good finish, and strong hinges are essential,” kitchen designer Beverly Ellsley says.

8. Do: Have countertop around wall ovens.

Don’t: Put a wall oven off by itself.

“Where are you going to put the turkey when you take it out of the oven?” points out kitchen designer Terry Scarborough. For a Connecticut kitchen, she made sure there was plenty of counter space next to — and across from — the ovens.

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 Bruno Pozzi

Bruno Pozzi, Milano, Italy

Began working as an associate of the firm of architect Marco Zanuso and supports his collaboration with Richard Sapper.

Join the Studio De Pas-D’Urbino-Lomazzi in 1973 as a designer of products of design and working independently in the modeling of the sculpture of marble table jewelery Misani in Via Montenapoleone in collaboration with Paolo Rosa of Studio Azzurro.

Develops plans to stand at the Salone del Mobile for the following companies: Zanotta, Dall’Oca, Thalia, Ciatti, Ciatti hi-fi, Ciatti at the table, Nevlin kitchens, furniture Capuzzi, Minotti Italy, Bianchi-Bilumen as well as setting up graphic- sound-visual Italianiscke Mobel Design of ICE in Cologne on the 50th of Italian design.

In 1976 he obtained a teaching degree disciplines geometric and art history. Winning the contest chair by the state in 1978.

Since 1978 he has been teaching the course of Architecture and Design at the Art School of Busto Arsizio.

Since 1981, plans for the Capuzzi furniture systems and child’s bedroom.

In 1982 is associated with the architects Gianluigi Pieruzzi and Marco Duina;designs for Bellato, La Palma, Mimo, Thesis and Ciatti that is reported to the Compasso d’Oro in 1987 for the design of modular kitchen Axis.

In 1986 he designed tables and chairs for Minotti Italian furnishings for the timeshare and hospitality industry of the Contract of B & B, Capuzzi Contract, Mintoti, in particular for the Olivieri SpA, Fin.Se.Tur , Simar., Ravazzani, World Club Hotels , Hilton International, Sheraton.

In 1990 is associated with the architect Luca Martignon with whom he develops projects for Tonelli, Scavolini, BV Design and coordination of Interior Design for Caboto-Gruppo Ambrosiano Veneto, Credem and Abaxbank.

In 1999 he collaborated with the Polo Scientifico Tecnologico Lombardo located in Busto Arsizio.

Since 2004 he has been teaching role of plastic arts at the Art School of Brera.

Since 2006 he is appointed to the chair at the Institute of Architecture in Vicenza for the matter of Reports and Dimensions Interior Space.

Since October 2007 he joined the Faculty of Theology in Naples.

AXIS Ponte for Opinion Ciatti

Axis is based on an elementary concept: to decompose the principle key functions of the kitchen in independent elements that assembles on an extremely flexible structure according to use. This allows possiblities to explore and to appreciate the pleasure of proposals out of the schemes. Bridge structure in stainless steel 304 AISI satin or lacquered white matt. Dimensions: 146.5x60xh79.5, Ø6 cm. Legs in stainless steel 304 AISI satin or lacquered white matt. Dimension: h85, Ø6 cm. Hanging base unit/drawer/undersink/oven unit in stainless steel 304 AISI satin or lacquered matt white, front drawer in polished stainless steel or lacquered matt. Top in polished stainless steel 304 AISI/Statuario marble/Carrara marble/glacier white Corian®/ walnut. Standard dimensions: top 70xh3 cm, round top Ø120xh3 cm.



Home Cucine


Producing kitchen furniture for domestic use which meet customer expectations in terms of safety, functionality, quality / price ratio. Through continuous improvement of internal expertise, Home Customers also intends to offer highly innovative services, without losing sight of the interests of all stakeholders of the company (employees, in particular) and the environment.


The values that inspire the MISSION

1 Product Reliability (security and functionality)
2. High quality / price ratio
3. Customer satisfaction
4. Continuous improvement of internal skills
5. Innovative services available to customers
6. Attention to all stakeholders
7. Respect for the Environment


Modern Kitchens


Despite presenting simply and purely linear, the peculiarities of Simplicia are many and all determinants, to reveal an immense creative. A constructive forms of considerable compositional flexibility allows customization of great aesthetic and functional value, thanks to the decisive contribution of a targeted range of colors: matte finish doors with ABS edging to match the fronts in color CONFETTO, SAND, HEMP, BLACKBOARD and wood finishes TOBACCO, ASH, ELM, DAMA, SHELL, LONDON NATURAL and pore synchronized. To these values ??you add a complete set of accessories multifunctional high requirements operativie a set of appliances and hoods elements of high-quality technology.


The contemporary living evolves in parallel with the tastes and needs geared to aesthetic and functional. As part of the food product, and aims Lucenta adapts to all requirements of law with high quality: bright and fine finish Lacquered Brushed Polished for the fronts, with a targeted set of fresh, modern colors: SILK, DOVE and PENCIL. Function and operation are the best quality available in an adequate range of trendy accessories and appliances of advanced technology.


Brightness, youthful sophistication and balance components are the perfect combination of POLIS, a product of strong topical designed to correctly interpret the “Kitchen Area.” 
This project stands for the absolute correct and rational resolution of operations, proposing a new type of frontal in MDF with PVC coating velvety matte finish in pleasing colors with new and innovative property FINGERPRINT.

Classic Kitchens


Extraordinarily harmonious, reminiscent of ancient taste the flavor of the simple things of a time long past. Ciacola is proposed as a kitchen strong lines but with a touch of elegance that make it unique in its kind. 
Doors and fronts are made of chestnut wood tone from the ‘very hot, while the handle and pretty’ made of antiqued brass. 
It is a model of notable aesthetic effect, which enhances even more’ her beauty combined with the wide range of worktops available.

Composizione 1

Composizione 3

Particolare 2

Particolare 2

Olimpia Ivory

Kitchen from the traditional line, available in IVORY, LIGHT BLUE, DARK and LIGHT OAK ASH.Characterized by versatile handles that are well suited to classic or modern settings. 
Precious the Country with solid-colored hood and cone steel or white, as well as the wide range of home appliances that make cooking dynamic and designed to last over time.

Composizione 1

Composizione 2

Composizione 3

Luxury Kitchens


GOLD ELITE, a model of an extremely elegant and classic design emphasizes all its sophistication with the finish gold / silver doors and friezes. In this model, history and technology are fully showcasing the best of Italian design. 
Friezes in the neoclassical style are present in all modular kitchen, giving it a traditional look while maintaining in effect the comforts of modern life . Gold Elite, with this advanced product Classico Collection, fully embraces these concepts, presenting with high quality fronts in the colors White, Silver, White Gold, Bronze Silver, Styldecape, Red Gold, Green Silver, Aquamarine, Black Silver, Walnut Gold.


REGAL, a model of an extremely elegant and classic design emphasizes all its sophistication through fine finishes. In this model, history and technology are fully showcasing the best of Italian design. The friezes in the neoclassical style are present in all modular kitchen, giving it a traditional look while maintaining in effect the comforts of modern life. Regale with this advanced product Classico Collection, fully embraces these concepts, proposing in front with fine colors Styldecape, White Royal, Royal Oak, Walnut Regale.


Freeze As You Please

Designer: Yan-Liang Guo

The FR is a flexible refrigerator that can allot storage space as per the food requirements. What this means is that in case you have more frozen foods than fresh, then simply switch the compartment dividers to increase the freezer space and vice versa. It basically gives you the flexibility to change the freezer to fresh-food configuration. Pretty clever if you ask me!

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Pink, white and black kitchen design

This gorgeous pink, white and black kitchen design mixes the clean lines of modern design with vintage style decor. Simply divine!

Designer: Lee Hardcastle for Enigma Interiors

Enigma Interiors - unusual vintage lights

Enigma Interiors - brilliant stovetop

Enigma Interiors - white grid

“This classic home underwent a major renovation and features a galley-style kitchen designed for modern living. Blum electronic doors and drawers and a lift-up unit in the island bench are key to the success of this kitchen. Small appliances are stored in one side of the lift-up unit and convenient computer access on the opposite side allows for the whole family to interact around the bench. A mirror frame around the pantry and appliance wall is inspired by the V-ZUG oven design. A proud-mounted frame around the oven and storage wall adds another layer of detail, which is balanced by nine separate pantry compartments. The active cooking area features full-height gloss white cabinets at both ends and soft-close drawers under the bench. The Qasair rangehoods are a major feature of this kitchen. With such a large amount of storage, there was no need to conceal the rangehood within traditional overhead cabinets.”

Enigma Interiors - bright and chic kitchen

Enigma Interiors - shiny black bench

Enigma Interiors - vintage cool design

Enigma Interiors - timber flooring

– See more at:

I Saloni WorldWide Moscow

The Saloni WorldWide Moscow are celebrating their 10th anniversary in Moscow this year and look set to be a resounding success (the previous edition was attended by 42,818 operators, 402 journalists and 557 exhibitors of which 494 Italians and 63 from Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Spain).

The Saloni WorldWide Moscow will showcase the very best of the home furnishing sector in terms of quality and range of goods: from furnishings to upholstereds, lighting appliances, kitchens, office furniture, furnishing accessories, bathroom furniture, textiles and coverings.

Exhibitors will be ranged over 19,000 sq.m. of exhibition space, withDesign/Modern in Pavilions 7 and 8 and Classic in Pavilions 10 and 11.

This year also marks the 10th edition of the SaloneSatellite WorldWide Moscow, the launch pad for young designers from Russia and the former Soviet republics.

The annual Master Classes, organised in collaboration with ICE, the Italian Trade Agency, will revolve around the world of design, architecture and eco-sustainability. Three leading architects, Riccardo BlumerMario Cucinellaand Marco Romanelli, will chair the workshops, moderated by journalist and design critic Olga Kosyreva.

From 15 to 18 October, Crocus Expo-2

In concomitance with the first Moscow edition of MADE expo Worldwide

things we like

New extraordinary artefacts by Tom Dixon on show at Maison&Objet

Designs inspired by engineering, physics and nature

The latest collection is made from natural and semi-precious materials, drawing inspiration from many sources; engineering, physics and nature. They complement our existing range of extraordinary accessories and gifts, informed by British heritage and designed for the modern world to be played with, treasured or given.

SCENT ELEMENTS Diffusers – we extend our Scent Elements candle range to diffusers, uniquely using natural sticks of charcoal grown in the UK.

TANK Barware – drawing on our Drink and Club inspirations we have created TANK. A range of barware for any tipple, made from mouth-blown, cold cut glass the range includes a decanter, jug, highball and lowball glass.

AXIS Candle Holders – Chunky blocks of glass in simple geometries, AXIS is a set of 3 candle holders made from hand-made pressed glass to create table top architecture.


Linear modular fitted kitchen, design by Bruno PozziMarco Duina for 

Opinion Ciatti 

Axis Wall is the extension of the Axis system obtained with wall structures maintaining the main design function: the composition of the functional units in self-contained elements. Structures in stainless steel 304 AISI with welded end, satin finish or lacquered white matt. Dimensions: 125/188/250xØ6 cm. Wall brackets in stainless steel 304 AISI with welded end, satin finish or lacquered white matt. Dimensions: 65.5xh65 cm, section 5×5 cm. Hanging base unit/drawer/undersink/oven unit in stainless steel 304 AISI satin or lacquered matt white, front drawer in polished stainless steel or lacquered matt white. Top in polished stainless steel 304 AISI/Statuario marble/Carrara marble/glacier white Corian®/walnut. Standard dimensions: top cm 70 h3, chopping board 70x70xh6 cm.

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