Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 77



Good news from our academic team: the bathroom modules are finished and ready to be delivered. There are in total 4 modules and they will complement the already existing Kitchen Design ones.

Bathroom design Module 1- History. This module will introduce you to the complex and weird evolution of bathroom and toilet, as well as to cleansing habits throughout centuries.

Bathroom design Module 2- Bathroom Planning 1. Similarly to the  kitchen, bathroom has its own set of planning rules developed by NKBA. Bathroom Planning 1 will introduce you to guidelines 1 to 14.

Bathroom design Module 3- Bathroom Planning 2. This module  will introduce you to guidelines 15 to 27.

Bathroom design Module 4-Design a Bathroom. Yes, time to get creative. You will work on brief for a lovely Scottish-French couple. Your flair and talent are now required for a successful bathroom design!

The bathroom modules are offer for free for new students, for a limited time only!

For our existing and previous students, we offer 50% off fee, that equates to AUD $400 to pay for 4 modules and a saving of AUD$400.

With $200 pay as you go/week and 4 free bathroom modules, this is the best offer so far, for a limited time only! Enrol now so you don’t miss out. New group starts 6th of July:































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