Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 88



New group starts in 5th of October and from candidates who wish to start that date, we need the enrollment form and payment before that.


Good news : ProKitchen company, the retailer of ProKitchen Design software, offers 30 days free trial for every new student.

ProKitchen is the only K&B professional design software that works on both PC and MAC. Plus it has only one hardware key for all your PC and MAC laptops and desktops. The core value of ProKitchen is the quality of visualization and the level of details that can be viewed by customers. ProKitchen achieves seemingly unattainable goal of creating 3D scenes in real time with photo-realistic images. A customer can virtually touch, hold and feel cabinetry and appliances with his/her hands while “walking around” and redecorating their kitchen or bathroom.


With $200/week pay as you go and 4 free bathroom design  modules ( valued at $800), this is the best offer so far. Limited time only!

Ruadelpapavero Creative Studio


Fitted kitchen with island

Manufacturer TM Italia Cucine

design by ruadelpapavero
The feeling of custom built is immediate, partially for the materials, but especially for its hypertechnological endowment. FIX CARBON, with its carbon fiber and wood construction, highly advanced domotics and smart and social media applications, it is more than a kitchen, it is a convertible space, open to experimentation, offering cutting-edge multimedia and interactive features. Home theatre integrated into the cabinet, on- and offline multimedia functions, internet and social media access, playlists of favorite music via touch screen controls. Tablets and smartphones connect via Bluetooth, for apps use, hands-free telephone conversations, and remote control from the office or anywhere! The work island turns from the traditional place for preparing meals, with cooktop and sink, into a dining room, through a thin carbon fiber panel embracing the frame, or into a living room, through its home theatre capabilities. Facing the living area, the theatre feature is incorporated into a half-height cabinet system within the island which incorporates everything. The work side integrates the range hood and the interface for domotic control of electronic accessories throughout the house: a bona fide command center worthy of a science fiction movie. Perfect for technophiles.



Stosa , an Italian family.
50 years of history and one great passion: cooking.

Always we produce only kitchens, created and produced to improve the lives of those who, every day, more convivial living space of the house. We design and manufacture exclusively in Italy products excellent in quality, truly sustainable for every Italian family and for the young.
Here because a kitchen Stosa comes from authentic values ​​like commitment, honesty, respect and originality in Italy and in over 40 countries worldwide, with a constantly expanding market.

  • Commitment to give the best of ourselves through every single kitchen, directly to your home.
  • Honesty to turn our plans into living spaces really sustainable.
  • Respect for nature that surrounds us and for the entire production.
  • Originality to be more competitive in technological and functional.

That’s how we build our kitchens every day.

Thinking of you.



Welcome to the new kitchen City, a mix of vintage inspirations: the design of the past interpreted in a contemporary way, for an unconventional style and creative. Aesthetics firm, crisp, a kitchen capable of offering interesting visual and tactile sensations.Uneven oak jeans, brizzo oak, white oak or sand combined with metal furniture and metal, new finishes such as cement board that evoke an atmosphere industrial style.

A project that declines materials tradition in contemporary dress. The hood “Ipe” sheet, Pewter finish, brings a definite touch of strong character.Shelf / cupboard “Friend” metal revisits the ’50s with a modern twist for a “taste experience”.Flexible solutions as the table “Friend” removable swivel that appears, and reappears wheel as needed. There is more of a secret ingredient in City: materials research and design creativity.



Mood is the modern kitchen designs space day joining kitchen and living room with a seamless sophisticated style and discreet. The new elm veneer finish, in two colors and natural ash, presents a new style in the kitchen, characterized by an aesthetic elegance and functional at the same time, with large spaces and customizable, which open the kitchen to the rest of the house. The doors of base and wall units with built-in handle to characterize the elements of furniture with minimal detailing and linear and do not go unnoticed. The modern open elements Tetris, with sliding doors in lacquered smooth, in five colors in the catalog, complete the compositions with functional elegance.


Maya, the “newcomer” in the great family of Stosa Kitchens, fits in the wide range of models Look System H72, the program of kitchens characterized by doors with a thickness of 23 mm, ensuring greater quality and robustness. The model “Maya” is a new collection of kitchens with modern lines and stylish, cleverly fused with a practical and functional design, capable of winning at first glance. Within the program Maya you can choose between 4 types of doors and 13 finishes.


Maya has also declined in the system throat Allegra, and is characterized by high bases 75 cm in polished and laminated iron roof in oak color jeans.




The new collection Turtleneck Stosa, the model in classic style with door frame and slotted ridge at the center, re-interprets the traditional craftsmanship and Italian cuisine is unique style and glamor irresistible. The fine finishes and refined decorative details characterize all the compositions of the model, available in white pickled, ivory gold thread, white thread silver, black and pickled today in new variants of walnut wire gold, pearl gold thread, white matt and gray shadow lacquered silver wire.

The containment function of each element of the composition, from midi columns, the capitals with storage compartments concealed, from the windows, the roof frame to English, from the basics with capacious baskets equipped, the refined islands, furnishes a harmonious space with a distinct elegance , enhanced by sophisticated decorative details, such as knobs with real Swarovski certificates.

Daniel Sällberg

Daniel Sällberg

Industrial Design Engineering Msc & Design Mdes(Double Master Degree), China
Tongji University & Chalmers University of Technology, China


“My name is Daniel Sällberg. I’m currently studying the last year of my master program as an exchange student at Tongji University in Shanghai. I have studied Industrial Design Engineering bachelor program at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and now I am doing a double degree master program in Industrial Design Engineering (Chalmers) & Design (Tongji). I have a wide interest in design but I am particularly interested in finding technical and innovative design solutions. I have been focusing on product design and like to combine my engineering and design tools and follow the product development from idea to prototype.”

Engage-Stage 3 Electrolux Competition, 2015

Engage is a device connected to a cloud system providing activities, grocery shopping and social sharing. The activities provided by the device are to a great extent based on augmented reality and with the device comes augmented reality-glasses and a multi tool that can be stored and charged inside the main device. The device itself is similar to a tablet PC but is a bit more rigid to sustain an environment with water, spill and eventual incautious use by children. The augmented reality glasses contains a camera that will 3dscan the environment. It also sends it location to the main device. On the multitool there is a knob that can be detached and attached to any kitchen tool or even the sleeves of your sweater using a nano structure surface inspired by the gecko lizard. The same technology is used on mobile phone holders in cars. The knob can also send information about its position and in this way the main device knows where some effects should be added in the augmented reality.

The greatest source of inspiration to this project is the insights about what is vital for growing healthy happy kids. Children are individuals and everyone is different. Though there are some general aspects that scientifically are proven to be common in terms of raising a happy and healthy child. Engage is based on these principals and in short it can be described as teaching the children optimism, encourage them to initiate relations and develop healthy habits, practice self-discipline and to praise their effort rather than judging their achievements.


Engage will bring the family together and help them to develop healthy and happy habits with main purpose of strengthening the children’s well-being. It will encourage the children to take part in kitchen activities where they will learn and develop with guidance from their parents. The parents will get a more distinct parent role and the children will continuously improve and grow to strong individuals. It will turn the daily tasks into quality time together with the family.



things we like

ai weiwei presents retrospective at royal academy of arts london

ai weiwei exhibition
royal academy of arts, london
now through december 13th, 2015


from now until december 13, 2015, the acclaimed, contemporary chinese artist ai weiwei presents his landmark exhibit at the prestigious royal academy of the arts london. a celebration of his significant works from 1993 and onwards, the retrospective is comprised of a mix of site-specific installations and interventions curated for the elegant galleries of the RA.

ai weiwei, colored vases, 2006, neolithic vases (5000-3000 bc)
known for exploring a variety of contexts, scales and media. the artist’s work constantly fuses influences taken from the east and west; subtly accompanying and commemorating his pieces with meaning. this is seen in his colored vase installation, an example of the artist employing traditional materials and interventions with historic objects. by creating new objects from the old and salvaged, he challenged the conventions of values and authenticity- a widely spoken-about subject in modern-day china.

ai weiwei, 1995, dropping a han dynasty urn

the artist comments: ‘I’m honored to have the chance to exhibit at the royal academy of arts. tim marlow and the rest of the exhibition team have a history of producing outstanding exhibitions. I’m very happy to be a part of it.. the selected artworks reflect my practice in recent years, and also include new works made specifically for this show.’

straight, 2008
straightened by hand, each rod was returned to the form it would have had before it was encased in concrete


a key piece from the royal academy showcase is ‘straight, 2009-12′, visualized as a terrain of carefully arranged steel rods in which the artist collected from the devastating wreckage caused by the 2008 sichuan earthquake. the empathetic installation is a homage to the victims where the bars signify a landscape and were re-straightened for the piece.

free speech puzzle, 2014

remains, 2015

table and pillar, 2002

i.o.u. wallpaper, 2011-13

surveillance camera, 2010

video recorder, 2010



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