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We welcome our new group of students stating tomorrow and we wish them all the best!

Don’t forget, you still have the chance to enroll ot a discounted fee of 50% for 7th of March 2016!

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Cecconi Simone
Anna Simone

Anna Simone

Interior designerToronto / Canada-founder

Elaine Cecconi

Elaine Cecconi

Interior designerToronto / Canada-founder

Cecconi Simone Inc. is an award-winning interior-design practice based in Toronto, Canada, privately owned and operated by Elaine Cecconi, Principal, and Anna Simone, Principal.Established in 1982, Cecconi Simone has designed some of the most beautiful and successful interior environments for the retail, corporate, hotel-hospitality and residential sectors in Canada, the United States, Anguilla, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India and China, including about 75 residential communities in the Greater Toronto Area.Cecconi Simone has positioned itself as an industry leader, creating intelligent, progressive and brand-specific interiors for a diverse cross-section of projects worldwide.


Trinity Bellwoods Town + Homes

Model Townhome

Trinity Bellwoods Town + Homes is unabashedly contemporary in a market segment crowded with retrograde development projects.Within the residences, extended, horizontal spans of custom, open and closed millwork produce engaging compositions of solids and voids. The stair, kitchen-island tower and integrated exhaust-hood introduce modulating elements of verticality.Subtle millwork details in the kitchen include zero-edge Corian counters, a slotted shelf for standing dishes, back-painted seamless backsplash and integrated appliances. A built-in bench in the dining area is complemented by an integrated ledge in the living area, both with storage below.

The master suite features a custom walnut-laminate sleep unit, incorporating a bed, side tables, sofa and display niches with LEDs. The ensuite contains a specially-designed vanity with integrated Corian sinks, counter and backsplash and open and closed storage cabinets in white and walnut laminate. Custom, wall-mounted medicine cabinets are accessed via a pivoting mirror.

Photography by Joy von Tiedemann

Urban Townhome, Model Townhome

This 78 m² model represents a community of urban residences envisioned for Downtown West, Toronto. Conceived around the principals of Active House, a Danish movement committed to healthy and sustainable interior environments, the model brings to life a complete townhome ground-floor.

The show space features an open-plan live–cook–dine area centered on a skylight in the kitchen zone. A wall-to-wall run of custom millwork spans its entire length, with white matte-lacquer built-ins, white Corian counter-backsplash and syncopated walnut niches forming a sweeping backdrop to the extended kitchen-island, in black melamine with counter in black engineered-quartz and breakfast bar / dining surface in solid walnut. The result is a striking interplay of surface planes: pale and dark, matte and reflective, horizontal and vertical.

The model ensuite, arranged around a skylight, includes custom white lacquer and walnut vanities with custom Corian sinks and walnut niches over the tub. The shower and water closet are enclosed in clear and translucent glass, imbuing the space with dimensional complexity.


Model Townhome



Over the centuries, the peoples and civilizations have been deployed in favor of trade, labor, effort or the manner, form, art. Find ways to bring together these two concepts, so different, so distant is the aspiration . Research, striving for something extraordinary priceless: BEAUTY

Signum Wave

Wave is the hallmark of the door and it opened, returning, lightweight, discreet, elegant style of the rooms.
TECHNICAL NOTES: Anta version opening Wave in ecomalta finish concrete combined with glossy dark gray. Work Plan block brushed stainless steel insert in line ecomalta the same finish and color of the door. Elements per day and shelves in oak nodato in dark tint. The program provides ample opportunity to combinations, openings, colors and finishes.


Signum Flag

Geometric lines that alternate , chase , meet, causing continuous emotions . Flag is the hallmark of a second door and it opened , perhaps inspired by memories of the past but reinterpreted with advanced modern graphics concepts .

Island that makes the art kitchen , the prelude to an informal meeting , an unforgettable moment .


Anta in the opening version Flag , matte white lacquer finish combined with door and inserts per day in oak old knotty with natural finish .

White Corian worktop with inset online in essence oak leaf .

The program provides ample opportunity for combinations , openings , colors and finishes .


Pure Opal

The kitchen interprets the widespread desire for robustness, reliability and practicality.
The sinuous forms finds its highest expression in the brilliance of glossy lacquered doors.

A working area “wraparound” dual base angle with curved doors creates a multi-functional environment. Technically evolved solutions and elements essential design guarantee original compositions and impact. Design by European taste and cosmopolitan environment gives heat, making it immediately warm and friendly thanks to particular able to separate, without dividing the kitchen from the living area

TECHNICAL: lacquered door in glossy gray and combination of light / dark. Version with horizontal and vertical throat. worktops quartzite gray glossy, 20 mm thick. The program provides ample opportunities for combinations of colors and finishes.



Style. Without sacrificing functionality. Ideal for those spaces where kitchen and living decide to be one big, soul. The kitchen blends well into the day, in a perfect harmony of finishes, spaces and functions to accommodate the needs of a typical contemporary lifestyle. Metamorphosis expands the horizons of Kitchen and enriches the possibilities to turn into reality the dreams and needs of an increasingly demanding, diverse and constantly evolving. From the large open space at the apartment for a young couple, the studio for a dynamic single. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:lacquered door in matt / gloss finish and combination of gray with a red-mentioned percentage. Version with horizontal band and recessed handle for head on edge.worktops 20 mm thick satin steel.The program provides ample opportunity combinations of colors and finishes.



Designer: Mostafa Arvand & Sepideh Golgoon


In the same way that trees are our world’s natural air purifiers, the Radix range hood aims to do the same for your home! The design, that looks like an upside down floating tree, goes beyond inhaling smoke and steam from your island cooking area – it also continues to purify the air well after cooking. This artistic twist on the range hood also adds a touch of contemporary flare to your kitchen unlike other bulky designs.






things we like

Eugeni Quitllet: MAISON&OBJET PARIS January 2016 Designer of the Year

Bum Bum Collection, Eugeni Quitllet for Vondom

Every year, MAISON&OBJET spotlights the most outstanding names on the international design and decor scene today. In January 2016, Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet received the Designer of the Year award and showcased in Paris his work in a space entirely dedicated to him.

Eugeni Quitllet is a Catalan designer, who graduated from La Llotja Art School in Barcelona and readily describes himself as a “Disoñador,” a contraction of the Spanish words for designer and dreamer. Born in 1972 in Ibiza, this industrial dreamer first witnessed a rural stretch of beach become an informal hub for ultramodern electronic music, before growing up in Barcelona, a place of architectural divide where Gaudí’s organic outbursts fraternise with a rationalist marmoreal jewel designed by Mies van der Rohe — the Pavilion.

Now based in Barcelona, Eugeni Quitllet has quickly become apioneer to watch to understand our ever-changing paradoxical age. Eugeni creates bestselling objects between drawings and sculptures, mastering fullness and voids to reveal elegant silhouettes hidden in the material. His creative vocabulary surpasses the simple relationship between function and style, introducing new objects to the contemporary design scene.

Tabu chair, Eugeni Quitllet for Alias

Bum Bum Collection, Eugeni Quitllet for Vondom

Bum Bum Collection, Eugeni Quitllet for Vondom

For Vondom, Eugeni Quitllet designed in 2014 his first collection of outdoor furniture, Bum Bum. Showing organic and evolving lines, the seats are equipped with Bluetooth to play music: “like shells for listening to the sea.” A plastic collection in line with the designer’s strong relationship with this material, one of the best examples of which is Masters for Kartell, co-signed with Philippe Starck in 2009.

Masters chair, Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell

Masters chair, Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell


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