Kitchen Design Academy-News Gazette # 98



Happy Easter!

New group of students will start on 4th of April, so from those wanting to start that date we need the enrollment forms and payment by next week.


Why learning design?

“Achieving good design is about creating places, buildings, or spaces that work well for everyone, look good, last well, and will adapt to the needs of future generations.

Good design responds in a practical and creative way to both the function and identity of a place. It puts land, water, drainage, energy, community, economic, infrastructure and other such resources to the best possible use – over the long as well as the short term.”

“Designers are the ones best situated to figure out how a kit of parts can become something more—they’re the ones who can figure out the human interface for a vast chain. If they do their job right, the result—a working ecosystem—is a far better platform for innovation than an isolated product”


Salvatore Putzu

Salvatore Putzu

ArchitectSassari / Italy

He graduates in ‘96 at Politecnico di Torino with a Énal project focused on interior design. He immediately starts working with his family construction company facing a variety of projects that space from retail to rensidential projects. His works usually focuses on interior design projects, developing aspects concerning lighting, ergonomy and bioclimatic building. In the last years, projects mostly regard Éne liberty houses restoration and refurbishment, private house and villas furbishment, construction of new apartments, villas, summer houses, design of suite interiors, pools and spa areas for hotels.




Colors and essences to combine in many ways their own kitchen and living space.


Vision-Composition 2

Focus of conviviality, maximum concentration of innovation and technology. The spaces come together, extraordinary materials hidden corners perfectly equipped. Surprising.


Lunar and innovative.

A classic and dynamic design at the service of technological and functional soul. Lunarità, sunshine, precious blend into an intriguing and compelling synthesis.

Nostalgia and contemporary taste duet and mingle. A mental and physical journey in a style unique timeless and fulfilling life. With the new classic line you enter a world of contrasts consonants.


Open-space all in one kitchen is where the cooker and guests are invited to meet together. The main work top, which is height-adjustable, includes a food cutting area. In front of this is a digital screen enabling the cooker to pilot the equipment, listen to music or access to the web to find recipes for instance. This ‘multi-screen’ is extended by a dining surface. On both sides stand two units; one with induction hobs and an oven for cooking, preparing; the other with a sink and its drying rack fitted into and a dishwasher with two separated racks. The project also envelops an upper level for the hood and a heating area. A light made of optical fibre under the surface holds the glasses over the guests.

Designer: Sebastien Poupeau


Salone internazionale del Mobile logo

Il Salone 2016 is coming! Salone internazionale del Mobile is a 6 day event being held from 12th April to the 17th April 2016 at the Milan Fairground Rho in Milano, Italy. This event showcases product from Electronics & Electrical Goods, Industrial Products, Telecom Products & Equipment industries.


things we like


The Curio Collection

Shimmering mineral surfaces, woodgrain textures, sea corals and precious stones define this beautifully curated new collection of wallpapers.






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