Advance Certificate in Kitchen Design – 5 Modules

Eligibility Criteria: Work experience as a kitchen designer for at least 2 years or graduate of KDAO Certificate in Kitchen and Bathroom Design or Certificate or Diploma in Interior Décor, Interior Design or similar
Duration- at least 10 weeks
Duration of enrolment- 6 months from start
Enrolment Type: Online, Distance, Full time only
Graduation Certification: Advance Certificate of Graduation.

We believe we are the only course in the world offering an Advanced Certificate in Kitchen design. This course addresses to existing kitchen designers with at least 2 years of experience or graduate of KDAO, who would like to extend their design capabilities. In order to enrol, candidates have to present a portfolio of their work.


The Art of Kitchen Design

Many designers are artists and many artists are designers, the line between the two is complex and intriguing. One of the influential figures that blur the boundary between art and design is Mondrian.

Kitchen and Design Principles

Visual elements are common for any type of communication. You will have to employ some of these elements towards designing kitchens.

Kitchen and Design Process

This module’s subject stimulates students’ capacity for developing original and creative ideas, as well as establishing and managing design processes.

Working with Style-Kitchen in Contexts of Culture

You received the plans of an Art Deco house, built-in 1952. The client wants to reconfigure the living, dining, kitchen, pantry, hallway (the red marked area from the photo) into an open plan, in order to make the interior suitable for their contemporary requirements

Success is a Matter of Design

Kitchen designers have the complex mission of not only designing and planning kitchens but selling them as well. Until recently, in the kitchen industry, the cabinet maker was the designer and the salesperson of his kitchens. Today the kitchen industry has specialized departments: management, production, design, sales.

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