Refund & Cancellation Policy


By enrolling in Kitchen Design Academy Online course, the student enters into an agreement to study for the expected published duration of the enrolled program of study. This agreement means that there is an obligation on the student’s behalf to pay the published tuition fees throughout the student’s enrollment.


To ensure that your enrollment is confirmed, payment has to be received in full at the enrollment time or otherwise established by the director. An administration fee of $50 will accompany the enrollment form. This is a nonrefundable fee unless we cancel the course.


Kitchen Design Academy Online will upon receipt of an online payment issue an acknowledgment of the payment via the client’s email address.

This acknowledgment will include:
Company name, Address and ABN,  Date and Amount paid to specify if the payment is in full or deposit details of the components of the sale, ie: full time or casual


Students wanting to cancel their enrollment, have to notify the school in writing for re-fund minus the administration fee, within 7 days from the payment.

  • For a full-time Online enrollment, the refund is 100%  minus the administration fee
  • For a full-time Distance enrollment, the refund is 50%  minus the administration fee


To cancel enrollment after the course started, students will have to submit a written request. If a “Full time” student will cancel the course, it means his enrollment is changed automatically to “Casual”. He/she could receive back part of the fees, minus the administration fee and the amount afferent to the period student has have enrolled.  Student can enrol back later and continue the rest of the modules.

For Distance enrollment, there is no refund after 7 days of sending the link with the modules.


Kitchen Design Academy Online guarantees that upon the participant’s commencement of the course will complete the course and assessment services or refund the participant for the proportion of services not delivered, due to Kitchen Design Academy Online fault.

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