Admission Related FAQ

What enrollment options are available and which is the difference between them?

We offer two types of delivery: Online and Distance. Students can choose the one it suits them best.

Online delivery: We send to students by email a new module every Monday morning. They have one week to return the assignment to us by email. After we assess the assignments we send back a mark and feedback. Online enrollments start every first Monday of the month.

Distance delivery: In this system, we send to students a USB stick or a link containing all the modules. Each module contains a learning component and assignment task, handouts, marking sheets (that shows the criteria students will be marked on) and examples from previous students. Once students finish all the assignments, they send them to us by email or mail and we assess them. Distance delivery students can start at any time.

Students also can choose to take up Full time or Casual enrollment.

For full-time enrollment, students receive all the modules from a specific program.

For Casual enrollment, students can select from the modules we offer, the ones they think may complete their skill level. Part-time enrollment is available on Online delivery only.


The course will run at your pace to suit your lifestyle and commitments. Duration of the course depends on the option you choose:

Kitchen Design Essentials Duration 7 Days

  • for full-time Online or Distance, the course will take 14 weeks (18 weeks together with bathroom modules).
  • for advance modules Online or Distance, the course will take 10 weeks.

If you need to, you can take a longer time to return the assignments. However, it is recommended to finish the course within 6 months from enrollment, in order to keep the mome

What commision can i expect to receive after I will work as a Kitchen Designer?

If you work in major cities, you can expect to receive between a 10% and 20% commission from the sale of the kitchens you design. For Australia, this rounds up to $100,000-$200,000 a year.

What is the size of this industry?

This is a large industry with huge turnovers and very good profits.

According to Housing Industry Australia (HIA), the total value of kitchen installations in new homes was $3.29 billion in 2012/13, not only a 10.4 per cent increase compared to the previous year but also a record high.

What is the advantage of online learning?

Online learning is the future of adult learning. It is extremely convenient as it allows you to learn while you work, without changing your lifestyle, without giving up on your other commitments, without commuting. Online learning allows you to take more than one course at the same time and generally, they are less expensive than traditional ones. As there are no classes, online courses offer the best ratio of student- tutor. Basically, you will have your own dedicated tutor.

How long after I will be working as a kitchen designer will I be able to recover the cost of the course?

Once you start working as a kitchen designer on commission, you will expect to make the first sale within two-three weeks, and receive your first commission after a month from the start.

Who are my Tutors?

Your tutors are kitchen design professionals with expertise in all aspects on interior design doubled by extensive experience in Lecturing in Interior design and Kitchen design programs at a diploma and bachelor levels.

Tutorial Support

Depending on the enrollment type, email and phone support are available where the participant contacts the course tutors for guidance or feedback.

When does the course start?

Online courses full time or part-time start on first Monday of following months:

  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November

Distance learning can start at any time throughout the year.

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