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Graduates feedback

Hi Valentin,

First of all, Please receive all my thanks and appreciation for your effort during the course period.

And for your trying to transfer your experience to your student. I really appreciate the course it makes a lot of difference to me, it is full of information, rules, and instructions in which is important to know in the industry, This leads me to how to search and what to search, In which for sure will impact my experience progress in the future.

I really enjoyed the course, it covers almost all aspects that any designer would need. How to act as a designer, how to treat the client, the sociological of the client and their personality, and how to deal with them.

The division of the course is making it that every level is a new challenge in another subject not repeated. 

Asmaa Khairy



As a recent Interior Design graduate I wanted to gain more knowledge in the Kitchen Design industry. The course offered by The Kitchen Design Academy Online is based on practical, hands-on demonstration of skills, attitudes, and abilities; it has been extremely helpful since it is really specific to Kitchen Design, and has enabled me to demonstrate my skills and knowledge while working in a variety of Kitchen design environments. Valentin has been really supportive and helpful through the course; I have developed many skills that I can transfer into designing functional and beautiful kitchens. The course has made me understand the theory behind the experience obtained in the field and this has improved my performance at work as a Professional Kitchen Designer. I truly recommend this program since it supports success and ensures that students are able to effectively contribute to future projects in the Kitchen Design Industry. Thank you very much.

Jennifer Besso
Vancouver BC, Canada

Hi Valentin,

Thanks heaps for your support through the course I actually enjoyed doing the modules and it’s given me a great understanding of the history of kitchens and their importance in a household.

Wishing you and the programme all the best for the future!

King regards, Addil, Melbourne

I am very happy with how the course has gone and feel a lot more confident to continue and progress in my current job. I feel my drawings have really improved and have a much better understanding of how to read other drawings. Valentin has been very supportive throughout the course. Thank you very much!

Candice, Perth, Australia