Certificate in Kitchen Design – 14 Modules

Eligibility Criteria: NIL
Duration- at least 14 weeks
Duration of the enrolment-1 year from start
Enrolment Type: Online, Distance, Full time or casual enrolment ( you can choose the modules you want only)
Graduation Certification (for full time only): Certificate of Graduation.

This course addresses to students who would like to become Kitchen design professionals, working with Kitchen companies or freelance. It also addresses to existing Kitchen designers and cabinet makers who would like to consolidate and extend their knowledge in Kitchen design.

KDAK001-Module 1

Color Theory and Kitchen Colour schemes

In this module, you will become familiar with properties of colour, main colour harmonies and colour schemes in kitchens starting with the 1950s.
KDAK002-Module 2

Cabinet Construction, Types and Finishes

This module will introduce you to construction methods for cabinets, materials used, types of units from standard to specialized, benchtop and splashback materials and hardware companies.
KDAK003-Module 3

Appliances and Their Impact in Kitchen Design

In this module, we will analyze the impact of appliances in the design of the kitchens and you will research appliance brands.
KDAK004-Module 4

The Client

In the design cycle, the client is the most important element. This module will look closer to the client’s psychological profile and behaviour during the renovation steps.
KDAK005-Module 5

Floor Plan and Scale drawing

It all starts with the floor plan and this module will help you learn how to do that.
KDAK006-Module 6

Designer Job

Being a kitchen designer is a glamorous profession with generous commissions. This module will introduce you to the profile of a kitchen designer, job structure, design brief and how to successfully communicate with your client.
KDAK007-Module 7

Kitchen planning 1

We will look to the main kitchen layouts and working triangle. NKBA set 40 guidelines when planning a kitchen and this module will introduce you to the first 1 to 5 of them.
KDAK008-Module 8

Kitchen planning 2

NKBA set 40 guidelines when planning a kitchen and this module will introduce you to guidelines 6 to 21.
KDAK009-Module 9

Kitchen planning 3

NKBA set 40 guidelines when planning a kitchen and this module will introduce you to guidelines 22 to 40.
KDAK010-Module 10

Kitchen Styles

Classic, country-style (French or British), modern, and contemporary kitchens will be the styles you will encounter the most in your work. This module helps you identify the difference between them.
KDAK011-Module 11

Harmony, Balance, Symmetry

Beyond styles, colours, and materials, there are other important factors that contribute to creating a great kitchen: Harmony, Balance, and Symmetry. This module will present and analyze aspects of subtle aesthetics.
KDAK012-Module 12

Design a Basic Kitchen

Time to roll up your sleeves and start designing! In this module you will be introduced to designer thinking when planning a kitchen.
KDAK013-Module 13

Design and present a Country Kitchen

One of the most intricate styles is country. This module will stretch your abilities as you will be asked to design and present a country kitchen.
KDAK014-Module 14

Design and present a Minimalist Kitchen

Less is more! Minimalist kitchens are the highlight of modern days and mastering its planning principles is the core of this module.

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