Diploma in Kitchen and Bathroom Design – 18 Modules

Eligibility Criteria: NIL
Duration- 18 weeks
Duration of enrolment-within 1 year from starting the certificate
Enrolment Type: Online, Distance, Full time or casual enrolment ( you can choose the modules you want only)
Graduation Certification (for full time only): Diploma of Graduation.

Similarly to the certificate above, but including 4 modules in Bathroom design (14 modules in Kitchen Design + 4 modules in Bathroom Design).

This course addresses to students who would like to become Kitchen design professionals, working with Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation companies or freelance. Also addresses to existing Kitchen designers and cabinet makers who would like to consolidate and extend their knowledge in Kitchen design.

Bathroom Design Modules


Bathroom design Module 1- History.

This module will introduce you to the complex and weird evolution of bathroom and toilet, as well as to cleansing habits throughout centuries.

Bathroom design Module 2- Bathroom Planning 1

Similarly to the kitchen, the bathroom has its own set of planning rules developed by NKBA. Bathroom Planning 1 will introduce you to guidelines 1 to 14.

Bathroom design Module 3- Bathroom Planning 2

This module will introduce you to guidelines 15 to 27.

Bathroom design Module 4-Design a Bathroom

Yes, time to get creative. You will work on a brief for a lovely Scottish-French couple. Your flair and talent are now required for a successful bathroom design!

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